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Chapter 3 A Friendly Affair

  • Layla watched Katrina run out of Hedonis, she hoped that they would be able to sit and talk before she went on with her regular business but that wasn't possible. It made her a bit sad before she shrugged it off her shoulders and went back to her dressing room
  • She most especially loved her dressing room, it was a mixture of sea green and ocean blue with hints of purple, that was her favorite blend. She went straight to the shower and washed up. Now it started to dawn on her that she had two crushes.
  • Katrina and the masked woman. She was so determined to find out who the masked woman was, and maybe have a sexy time with her again. Katrina also did so well, more than she ever imagined and Layla looked forward to that time again.
  • Soon she was out of Hedonis, having closed for the day, she decided she would go home and sleep it off because she was exhausted. She got to her apartment in about 30 minutes and upon opening the door, the thought of Katrina flashed in her head but she shook it off real quick.
  • “Self control Lay. Self control.” She spoke to herself before shutting herself inside her house. She exhaled before fixing herself a quick sandwich and dropping to the couch. As she watched TV, the scenes replayed in her head, she felt Katrina fingering her cunt even though she was alone.
  • She moaned in frustration before turning the volume of the TV up a bit but it wasn't enough to quiet the thoughts in her head. She loved how spontaneous she was, and assertive too, and most importantly the fact that she made her cum twice.
  • Out of desperation, Layla pulls off her skirt and her undies and kicks them to one side, she dipped two fingers and they slid in with ease, she was still wet after the last episode. She began to pleasure her hole, enjoying the sensation it gave, imagining that it was Katrina that was doing it to her.
  • She moaned softly then pulled her lovely breasts out of her camisole, using her free hand to caress them and pinch her nipples. If she could she would demand for another scene with Katrina, she was so amazing when it came to sex.
  • Layla kept going deeper and deeper and soon she was lost in pleasure, she wanted to be dominated by her co-worker, that was her fantasy now, it was what she used to stimulate her mind as she worked on her pleasure hole. She was so close to coming until her phone rang.
  • “Shit.” She cursed under her breath and used her non-sticky hand to pick up the device, it was her best friend, “hey girl!! What's going on?” She put the phone on speaker as she took her hand out of her dripping cunt.
  • “Babe! Mavrix hired me!!” Nieve screamed from the other side of the phone and this made Layla choke on her spit.
  • “What? Like Mavrix?? The biggest company in the film industry?” The week was filled with good news back to back, the smile on her lips wever-growinging as her friend giggled from the other side of the phone.
  • “I am coming over! And I'm bringing drinks!” the last scream that ended the phone call, Layla couldn't help but laugh, she looked down at what she was doing before the phone call, she had to prepare for her best friend.
  • She got off and went to make a meal. Nieve came over as fast as possible and she brought two bottles of red wine, she wasn't joking when she said she was bringing drinks and she also brought a copy of her contract.
  • “Damn girl, you a rich bitch now!” Layla gave her a high five, “I don't think I can ever earn this per shoot.”
  • “I don't think so. You have everything to demand a higher pay, you're smart and you're very sexy, you should be earning millions a year!” Nieve poured another glass of wine for her friend, “it may take more time but you will surely get there. Have you done any shoots yet?”
  • Layla took the glass, “yes I have. Let me show you the video.” She wondered for a quick second if this was a good idea but Nieve was her best friend, so she grabbed her phone and entered Hedonis' website and showed her the latest video under the family taboo tag.
  • Layla went into the kitchen to focus on what she was cooking while Nieve watched her porn scene, after 15 minutes she came back with food and her bestie was flushed.
  • “Oh my God.” She rubbed her eyes but nothing would be able to remove the clip from her memory, “I've seen a lot of porn but girl that was wild.” She shook her head, the alcohol finally getting a hold of her.
  • “You're making me blush.” Layla waved it off. They had dinner and since Nieve was sleeping over, they were going to share a room.
  • Layla walked out of the shower without a towel around her, she had no idea where she put her towel and just as she was bent over, Nieve walked in on her. She was drunk and struggled to keep her eyes open. But she saw Layla and got turned on by the beauty in front of her.
  • She staggered over to her best friend, putting her hands on her hips the moment she was close enough.
  • “Girl you play too much.” Layla swatted her hand away, it wasn't enough to stop her friend as she began to stroke her pussy gently, “Nieve stop!” She didn't listen, her fingers slowly penetrating her, Layla rolled her eyes before swatting her hand and standing upright, “didn't I tell you not to drink too much?”
  • She nudged her friend in the head, and as a response Nieve pulled her closer to her, staring deep into her eyes before she crashed her lips on hers. Layla was dumbfounded but a part of her enjoyed her best friend's wine-stained lips on hers, even though she felt it was wrong.
  • Nieve groped her ass firmly before they both fell to her bed, she on top of her, Layla was flushed but she didn't resist as her bestie massaged her breasts, she moaned softly as Nieve pinched her nipples before she bent to give them a teasing suck.
  • She placed kisses from her chest to her neck and moved to her earlobe, sucking on them lovingly. Layla could feel the heat of her breath against her ear.
  • “Let me love you. You're mine tonight.”