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Chapter 10 A Bad Day For Layla

  • “What the fuck?!” Reina scrambled to Molly, immediately taking out her handkerchief and wiping the blood from her mouth. She was crying severely while her new favorite stood there in shock, partially paralyzed, “Layla what happened here?!”
  • “She hit me! She's trying to kill me!” Molly threw an accusing finger to Layla who just stood there, frozen.
  • “Someone call the paramedics!” She made sure the piece of cloth never left Molly's face, Layla watched how Reina held the actress, there was a familiarity in her grip and she couldn't help but feel a Well form in her heart, “Did you do it Layla?!” Her tone went from gentle to aggressive in an instant and it was enough to get her out of freeze mode.
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