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Late I Love You

Late I Love You


Update: 2022-03-03

Chapter 1 First Chapter Of Her Story

  • Pershey was holding a stack of books when she got out of the car. She carries them to the University. She is wearing a gray uniform and a black skirt. Hair tied up, messy and obviously she's still sleepy. Her face is disfigured and there are still traces of drowsiness.
  • "You look so gorgeous with your uncombed hair, Pershey," Iries said, her mortal enemy. She was the daughter of her mother's sister. She's beautiful, has white skin, smooth and tall. In fact, she looks like an angel with horns.
  • She's her cousin but they do not get along. They are not close. Iries would often scold her even though she was not doing anything to her.
  • “Really?" She asked while raising her left eyebrow.
  • She hadn't even stepped on the stairs when Iries grabbed her arm. “Why?” she asked Iries.
  • "Comb your hair," Iries said angrily before leaving. Pershey was stunned for a moment by what Iries said.
  • “Stay away!” Zoe, Iries' friend, ordered her.
  • “H-huh?” She asked.
  • “I said get out of my way, nerd," she said. Pershey just smiled and continued walking.
  • She was holding the books tightly as she walked down the corridor but her mind was flying so she could no longer notice who she was meeting.
  • At the end of the corridor, a group of men was exiting. They were followed by women who seemed to be their guards. Their faces show the tremor they feel. Someone was screaming as the men followed.
  • There were some nude shirtless, wearing basketball shorts. Almost everyone is sweaty, dripping sweat on their bodies that causes women to scream.
  • The two of them are holding balls. Another had a white towel slung over his shoulder. The first walker has a turban on his forehead. That group consisted of six men. They are university basketball players. They are Samuel, Bryan, Draek, Toff, James, and Neil.
  • They were busy talking to the women they were walking with. Almost all of them talk to women except Neil.
  • Neil Samson is the son of the owner of the University de Forde where he was studying. Neil was an aggressive young man. Playful with women. Anyone is crazy. He's a playboy. He hasn't had a girlfriend yet and he still hasn't fallen in love with anyone but he has disappointed many feelings.
  • Who's woman can't be fascinated by him? He's almost a perfect guy. He has thick eyebrows, and attractive lashes that almost beat women's eyes with the extra length and whip of his lashes. He has pinkish lips. His face was smooth almost glistening. His skin was white and smooth. His height is 6’1. The body is muscular and there are bewitching dimples on both cheeks every time he smiles.
  • Meanwhile, Pershey was still walking while reading a book. It was only a few steps before he reached their room.
  • Neil was also busy using his cellphone while he was walking.
  • “I am only here but you cannot see me, my love. Can't you really see me or just- “
  • "Shit!"
  • "S-sorr-"
  • " Are you blind?"
  • She stopped. Stunned. She did not notice who she would meet because she was busy reading.
  • The attention of the students is already focused on them.
  • "Are you blind, huh ?!" Neil shouted at her.
  • “S-sorry. I-I didn't notice you,” Pershey's apology. She bowed her head because she felt so embarrassed.
  • She heard the whispers of the students. She just ignored it. She could feel many eyes staring at her.
  • "Maybe her eyes are blurry, Neil," Draek teases her. Pershey looked like a gentle sheep as she made a bow in front of Neil. She feels so embarrassed.
  • When they collided, the book that Pershey was reading fell so she picked it up.
  • She stayed where she was until she noticed that the group of men and other students were leaving.
  • "Such a stupid," she heard a student say. Perhaps, they don’t remember what Pershey has already accomplished at their university.
  • "Are you a lamp, Pershey?" Iries asked her standing in front of her. She immediately stood up and walked away. She ignored Iries because she already knew what she was going to say. "Don't you know him, Pershey?" Iries was still standing at the back of her.
  • In fact, Pershey knew Neil very well. She almost became a stalker of him.
  • Pershey paused for a moment to neatly stack the books she was carrying.
  • Pershey looked at her "Good morning, Iries." and she smiled. Iries got irritated.
  • "Grr! Nerd!"
  • Iries walked out with irritation. Again, Pershey continued to walk. She stopped in front of their door when she noticed that all the students were looking at her. She knows what they are thinking. She noticed the laughter and whispers of the students which she ignored and just sat.
  • "Good morning, Pershey," Leighden, her best friend, greeted her. She did not immediately pay attention to Leighden's greeting. She just ignored her. She focused her attention back on the book she had been reading. "You're blushing, Pershey," she said again. Pershey closed her eyes a few times at what Leighden had told her. She also immediately touched both her cheeks. She felt the coldness on her face.
  • "Blushing?" Pershey raised her left eyebrow. She felt nervous. Leighden laughed quickly.
  • "N-no, you're not, Pershey."
  • Pershey laughed slightly and looked back at the book.
  • Leighden came a little closer to see Pershey's facial expression better. "So what happened earlier?" She waited for Pershey's response. Pershey suddenly gave her a sarcastic look and she smiled after.
  • "Neil has noticed me, Leighden," Pershey tried to hide her emotions. Her feelings are overloaded. She cannot hide her spark anymore.
  • "Huh?" Leighden got confused. There was a wide smile on Pershey's face caused by the feeling of trembling. Earlier she was suppressing the thrill she was feeling.
  • "Has he noticed you yet? As in? A-are you sure?" Leighden was astonished at what Pershey had told her.
  • Gradually Pershey's cheek turned red. There's a butterfly in her stomach.
  • "Your ultimate crush bullied you, Pershey. He ignored you. He just embarrassed you," she added.
  • "But he still noticed me, Leighden. It's nice somehow he watched me," Pershey's defense.
  • "Bestie, look at yourself. Try to retouch yourself, Pershey. Try to use makeup," Leighden suggested. Pershey just smiled at Leighden's opinion. In fact, she has no interest in make-up. She's used to being just that way or not even getting dressed up. She was comfortable with her appearance.
  • She resumed her reading. What Leighden had said could not be erased from her mind. She was still wondering if it was right for her to follow what Leighden said but that wasn’t what she wanted. She was more used to curling her messy hair. She no longer bothered to comb her hair because it was soft and unkempt. She',s also used to wearing doll shoes. She is not accustomed to using hills. She prefers to wear sneakers and slippers rather than wearing hills. She was also more comfortable wearing adult-looking glasses. She used to come in without make-up on her face. In short, she has confidence in herself. She does not care what people around her might say or say.
  • "You're beautiful, Pershey," Leighden added. Pershey closed the book that covered her face. She looked back at Leighden who was currently watching her while smiling like a contented demon.
  • "Which part?" Pershey asked without emotion. In the tone of her voice, you can see her reluctance of her. You can’t explain or understand how she feels.
  • Pershey removed her eyeglasses then she wipes them using some of her fingers, then she wear them again.
  • Leighden laughed. "How can Neil like you? Look! You look so nerd, Pershey. Don't you notice how you look? Didn't anyone tell you yet that you look like a nerd?"
  • Pershey sighed and she gave her a sarcastic look. "But I can give whatever he wants," she defended again. She arranges the books again that are on her desk. "It doesn't matter if I looked so, nerd. Love is beyond looks, Leighden. Always remember that love is beyond looks," she added. Full of deep emotion and deep meaning.
  • "Looks always win, Pershey. Love always seeks a good look. You didn't notice it yet? Looks are important," Leighden smiled after saying those words.
  • Pershey seriously answered her. "I don't need to change my looks for him. I want him to love me for who I am and not because I changed myself for him."
  • "You look like an old woman. In the way you dress, Pershey you look an old woman."
  • Pershey laughed with a mixture of irritation. "I know he'll fall in love with me, soon," she smiled and stood up. "Just watch and learn, Leighden," she added and she blinked at her.
  • She walked out of their room. She didn't even pay attention to Leighden.
  • Leighden follows her. She knew that Leighden would tickle her again so she just kept walking.
  • Leighden silently followed her until they reached the library.