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Chapter 2 Bring Me With You

  • Without having a chance to scream for help, Jian Man clearly felt a pill being stuffed in her mouth.
  • She bit on her lips hard to prevent the pill from entering. However, the person's strength was too strong to overcome and she was forced to consume that pill.
  • “Hmph! You're going to suffer for this.” The person let out a sneer before pushing her towards the frantic crowd.
  • The poor girl was wearing her 8cm high heels and lost her balance. Following her heavy fall in the darkness, she could feel strong discomfort creeping up her body.
  • Pa!
  • Suddenly, the lights came back again. After getting used to the sudden brightness, the crowd finally saw the collapsed Jian Man on the starboard.
  • Sneers of mockery erupted from the crowd upon seeing her disheveled appearance.
  • Out of the blue, the starboard was swiftly filled with men in black suits, who lined up both sides of the deck in a highly trained manner. Following their lineup, a noble looking man appeared before the crowd.
  • The said man was dressed in a custom-made suit which perfectly outlined his lean figure. The Patek Philippe watch on his wrists was all the more eye-catching, especially when coupled with the emerald shirt cuff that was auctioned with a whopping price. Every part of him screamed of wealth and boasted of his powerful identity.
  • The guests gasped at his sudden appearance. None of them had ever expected Fu Hanyu, the powerful businessman and gang lord, to actually take the time to attend this wedding.
  • Cold sweat gathered on Jian Man's forehead as her legs trembled uncontrollably.
  • “What happened to you? You're making a mess out of yourself!” The deep voice of Fu Hanyu hit the girl's eardrums. His teasing tone obvious.
  • This voice... Jian Man lifted her head in shock and her eyes widened in disbelief. “It's you?”
  • “Yea right, at least you can still recognize me.” The man took off his coat and covered her.
  • Jian Man gritted her teeth in frustration. She knew he would never miss the chance to make fun of her!
  • But now, she couldn't afford to stay here! The girl could only put her hope on him and soften her prickly attitude.
  • “Bring me away with you.” She only moved her lips soundlessly, and Fu Hanyu’s pupil focused in understanding, obviously catching her words.
  • A few seconds later, the guests witnessed the shocking scene of the germophobic Fu Hanyu covering Jian Man with his coat and carrying her in bridal style towards the exit.
  • “Man!” Shangguan Li pushed his way through the gaping crowd, only to see her being carried away in another man's embrace. The groom couldn't help but ball his fists in anger.
  • Fu Hanyu paused his footsteps and turned around with a crooked smile. “Congratulations on your wedding, Mr. Shangguan. If by any chance you need to check your eyes, I can introduce the best ophthalmologist to you.”
  • Jian Man realized in stupefaction that Fu Hanyu had indirectly helped her to mock her ex-boyfriend in his wedding.
  • The moment they were far from the chattering crowd, Jian Man pushed away her soft demeanor and grabbed Fu Hanyu's collar. “Why are you here?”