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Chapter 13 Holding Grudges

  • This specimen had always been the type to hold grudges! How was it possible for a person like him to be face blind!
  • “He can't even remember Ms. Ling who has been working under him all this while. Ms. Ling.....” Qu Shengtian was interrupted by a hard voice.
  • “Tonight, Ms. Ling will send you a set of materials. Make a proposal out of it; I want it on my table tomorrow.” Fu Hanyu pushed back his chair and headed for the exit.
  • After a few steps, he heard a hoarse voice behind him.
  • “Mr. Fu, are you really face blind? Do I need to wear something to label myself?”
  • Qu Shengtian laughed out loud at her poking words. “Oh yes! Ms. Ling has been wearing a bright red nametag to label herself. He'd never be able to recognize his own secretary if she removed her tag.”
  • Qu Shengtian laughed uncontrollably, but then stopped himself forcefully when he came in contact with Fu Hanyu's brooding gaze.
  • “No need for a nametag. I can remember your face.”
  • His words shocked Qu Shengtian to the core. Fu Hanyu actually said he could remember her!
  • He thought that the only other person he could recognize was Ms. Jian of the Jian family....
  • “Well, just in case, I'll wear something with other colors tomorrow. Since I'm now part of the Strategy Planning Department and I'm in charge of....” She just wanted to check if he was really....
  • If that is true, I would've noticed that since five years ago.
  • “I said no need means no need! Get it?” Fu Hanyu shot a chilly gaze at her before striding out the room.
  • “This is crazy! He actually let you handle such a major advertisement plan and even let you be in charge of selecting the ambassador. He even said he can remember you. Tsk tsk....” Qu Shengtian crossed his legs and continued, “You know what that means?”
  • “It means I have to leave now and make sure the proposal is ready in the President's office.”
  • “There's not many women he could remember, you're the....” Qu Shengtian curled his lips in an amusing smile. The woman before him was the third one he could remember.
  • What a great show of the year!
  • I believe Fu Hanyu doesn't know that Jian Qinan is already a mother of two.
  • Jian Man ignored Qu Shengtian and left directly, leaving Qu Shengtian grinning alone in the audition room.
  • The lift reached the first floor. Jian Man had just walked out of the lift to see Lucy striding in her direction, her figure burning with fury.
  • “Hey, old woman. Who's the person behind you?” Lucy stared at her arrogantly, with eyes full of contempt.
  • “Someone you cannot offend.” Jian Man looked at her with a polite smile while answering simply. She had no intention to have any conflict with the lady before her.
  • “I am Hanyu's girlfriend. Fu Corporation is the biggest leading company in the business realm; there's no one I cannot afford to offend. Tell me, who is that person?” Lucy glared at the ugly woman, her words lacing with rage.
  • “You want to know? Go and ask Mr. Fu yourself.” Lazy to squabble further, Jian Man turned to leave after finishing her words.
  • However, Lucy yanked her arms from the back. “What a boastful tone you speak in. You dare to say you're supported by Mr. Fu?”
  • Seeing that people were gathering at the lobby, Jian Man moved her arms and flung Lucy's grip from her effortlessly. “I use my brains to get my support. Do you have one?”
  • Jian Man paused to size up the model while smiling in disdain. “Plus, I believe most of your body was made out of surgery. You think you can rival others with all your fake parts?”
  • The ridiculing words made everyone gape in shock. Lucy's face was ugly with the changing colors on her face.
  • By now, the staff had paused their movements and began to whisper among themselves.