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Chapter 12 Face Blind

  • “She's right. I'll let her be in charge of the advertisement planning.” Fu Hanyu resumed to twirl his pen, his gaze deep and cold.
  • “What! Her? Including the ambassador audition?” Qu Shengtian's eyes almost fell out of his sockets. If there were only the two of them, he would've yelled at him.
  • “Any problems?”
  • “Of course! If we follow her standards, even Lucy will not be selected for the advertisement.” Qu Shengtian purposely mentioned Lucy in front of Fu Hanyu. To him, Fu Hanyu’s decision was out of the normal.
  • “Next, I'll show you how to present a model's figure in a unique and appropriate manner. I ask for your most basic respect while assessing my performance,” Jian Man requested, her gaze stern on Fu Hanyu. Clearly, the underlying meaning of her words was to ask them to stop whispering.
  • The lady interviewer at the right almost fell off her chair. What a daring lady for reprimanding Mr. Fu and Mr. Qu publicly with her hoarse voice and glaring gaze!
  • Jian Man smiled and turned to the teapot in her hands. Her moves were appropriate and laced with grace; the way she walked and extended her arms perfectly showcased the curves of her waist.
  • She approached Fu Hanyu with the teapot in hand. “For example, a simple move like pouring a cup of tea can showcase the model's body by the way she lifts her arms and the place she rests her hands on. Chinese people have always valued their own culture and etiquette. If we can plan a set of movements that enhance these aspects, the effect will be tremendously unique. Mr. Fu, would you like to have a try?”
  • The man had noticed her fair arms while she poured the tea. He grabbed her wrist immediately.
  • “Your skin tone on your arms doesn't match your face.” Fu Hanyu narrowed his eyes as he peered at her curiously.
  • “Of course not. Just like how your abs will never have the same skin tone as your face.”
  • Qu Shengtian's gaze darted to Fu Hanyu's waist region. He had been totally covered up in his suit, so how on earth did she know he had abs on the first meeting?
  • Fu Hanyu stared into her eyes intently and stood up suddenly, his hand still on her wrist. “Your name?”
  • “Jian Qinan.”
  • His heart went cold at the answer.
  • Qu Shengtian realized that Fu Hanyu was acting weird. It was so unlike his boss to keep staring at an ugly woman and to even ask for her name. Coincidentally, this ugly woman happened to share the same surname as that woman though....
  • “Jian....Qinan?” Fu Hanyu squinted his eyes in a probing manner.
  • Jian Man purposely winked at him with a toady expression. “Yes, Jian Qinan.”
  • That expression caused Fu Hanyu to furrow his brows. “Report to the Strategy Planning Department tomorrow. You'll be solely in charge of the new product's advertisement planning for Fu Corporation.”
  • “No problem. Before that, please let go of me, Mr. Fu.”
  • The eyes of the interviewer at the right had bulged out. This is the audition room for the product ambassador! Since when has it become the interview for the Strategy Planning Department?
  • “Mr. Fu, Lucy is still waiting for you,” Qu Shengtian reminded, intending to make fun of his boss.
  • “Lucy? Who's that?” Fu Hanyu let go of Jian Man's hands and closed his folder, his tone of absolute indifference.
  • Qu Shengtian's mouth widened in an exaggerating manner, his clean image totally gone with his act. “Your rumored girlfriend! The media have reported about it for almost a month and she has been coming over to Fu Corporation often too. Don't tell me you still cannot remember her? I've always said you're face blind, and you never believe me.”
  • “Face blind?” Jian Man turned to him in confusion.
  • “Yes, he cannot remember women's faces. The only woman he can recognize is his mother. Other than that, he'll forget all the women's faces no matter how many times he has met them.”
  • Qu Shengtian deliberately missed out on another woman though. His mother and the other lady were the only women Fu Hanyu could remember effortlessly.
  • Jian Man found it hard to believe that this man was face blind.