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Chapter 7 Sounds About Right

  • Elizabeth smiled brightly at her. She grabbed Gillian’s arm and said, “That sounds about right. As expected of my obedient and sensible Gillian!”
  • “I’ll get the marriage certificate with Henry. Send my grandmother back to the nursing home immediately!” Gillian shrugged off Elizabeth’s hold on her arm. Her voice was cold and stern and left no room for argument.
  • It was a first for Elizabeth to see Gillian so cold and unfeeling. She immediately let her go. “Fine! I’ll do it after you’ve received the certificate.”
  • “Make sure you keep your word!”
  • Gillian glared at her coldly. She was about to turn but stopped. Gillian gritted her teeth and stared Elizabeth down with cold eyes, “I can marry Henry for you and Lillian, but this is the end of our relationship! From now onwards, if you threaten me with my grandmother again, I won’t be so forgiving!”
  • Gillian turned and strode back into the lobby.
  • “Bah! Who is to say you’ll survive after marrying Henry! What arrogance!” Elizabeth snorted in disdain.
  • Back when Henry Porter was able-bodied and healthy, his parents didn’t care for him. But at least he had his grandfather to back him up.
  • But his grandfather’s mind was not as it was. He got easily confused and overwhelmed. With him in that state, he couldn’t exactly look after Henry now that Henry was crippled.
  • He had no place in the Porter family, and now because of the rumored murders, Henry Porter was like a plague in the upper circles of Winsterberg. People avoided him when they saw him coming.
  • There were only tears in Gillian’s future after she married this man!
  • Gillian took hold of her emotions and walked into the lobby. She approached Henry and knelt down next to him. “Mr. Porter, I am Gillian Wesley, the adopted daughter of the Wesleys. I have nothing compared to you. I have but one question. Do you really want to marry me?”
  • Henry smiled at her voice. He reached out before him only to fumble in the air. Gillian hesitated before stretching out hers to hold his.
  • He patted her hand, “I should be asking you this. Gillian, I may be the grandson of the Porter family, but I am blind and crippled. I am about as useful as a vegetable. I am a young master in name only. You’re young and Kevin told me that you’re beautiful too. You’re healthy and just graduated from college. You’re currently under internship in a decent company and have a promising future ahead of you. I should be the one asking you. Are you okay with marrying a useless person like me?”
  • As he spoke, Henry’s eyes seemed to be staring smilingly at her. For a second, Gillian thought that he could see.
  • Gillian was moved by his humbleness and sincerity.
  • She never thought that the rumored murderous and cruel Henry Porter could be this gentle.
  • The despair that seemed to have consumed her earlier disappeared. Henry’s speech moved her so much that she didn’t think that marrying him was that bad after all.
  • “Mr. Porter, since our marriage has been decided by your grandfather, I will marry you. But please, stop calling yourself useless. You are not.” Gillian squeezed Henry’s hand.
  • Blame it on fate or the universe to force her into such a desperate position. But the man before her had it worse, and she couldn’t help but empathize with him.
  • “Sure! I’ll obey my wife!” Henry smiled. “Let’s go and register our marriage.”
  • Huh.
  • The word ‘wife’ made Gillian’s face grow hot. She stood and took the wheelchair from Kevin. “Leave him to me.”
  • “Okay. I’ll leave him in your hands!” Kevin nodded, not disguising his approval of the match.
  • Registration. Photos. Stamp.
  • In less than ten minutes, Gillian had two marriage certificates in her hands.