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Chapter 204 Martin, Back Again

  • “Young Master, the madam left this behind.” Kevin pressed the massage chart and her bank card into Henry’s hand.
  • Henry frowned when he felt the bank card. “How much money is in the account?” He frowned.
  • “It’s five million. The exact amount that she transferred to Elizabeth Wesley. She must have stored the money she got from the cornea in this card.”
  • Kevin gently sighed and shook his head helplessly.
  • The Wesleys had never treated her as their daughter. They treated her as their servant and forced her into marrying into the Porter family. Even then, they made sure to squeeze her dry. Elizabeth had treated her as a cash cow. But even though they had been so cruel to her, Gillian had repaid them with kindness. Was Gillian simply that kind, or was she stupid?
  • Unbelievably, Gillian had sacrificed her cornea for Henry and planned her departure from the Porter family.
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