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Chapter 3 All a Sham

  • Crash! After a crash of lightning and thunder, rain started to pour.
  • A black car was parked at the side of the road, but it still had it’s headlights on. The driver turned to look at the man who sat behind him, “Young Master, Miss Wesley is walking in the rain.”
  • “Follow her!” The deep voice of the man vibrated like that of a cello.
  • His face was concealed by darkness, but flashes of lightning revealed his sculpture-like features.
  • The cold autumn rain hit Gillian. The freezing cold was a shock to her system. Her lips turned purple as she shivered. She clutched her arms tightly to her body and gritted her teeth as she stiffly walked forwards.
  • She didn’t know where she was going or even where she was.
  • It was late at night. With the heavy rain, there was no one on the road except the occasionally passing car that splashed water onto the poor girl, drenching her over and over again.
  • In the car, the man clenched his fists. His eyes flashed in the darkness.
  • Without warning, the petite figure of the girl fell onto the road and stopped moving.
  • “Stop the car!”
  • “Young Master! Umbrella!”
  • “No need!”
  • The car stopped with a loud screech. The man picked up the silver mask next to him and put it on. He pushed open the door and took long strides towards the girl lying on the ground. He knelt down, place an arm behind her back and pulled her up so she was leaning against him.
  • Against the bright lights of the car, the man could see how pale the woman was. He frowned. “Miss Wesley?”
  • Her forehead was scrunched up and eyes closed. The man hesitated no longer and picked her up into his arms. He ran back to the car and gave the order, “To the hospital!”
  • At the Porter Manor.
  • “Kneel! You worthless thing!”
  • Benjamin Marco, Derrick’s father had one hand on his shoulder and with a kick on Derrick’s thigh, Derrick fell to his knees on the floor. Benjamin harshly admonished his son. “You have disgraced the Marcos’ family name! Out of all the women in the world, why did you have to choose your own cousin’s?! Go beg forgiveness from your aunt and uncle!”
  • Petunia Porter helped her nephew up and glared at her older brother, “Benjamin, It’s not too big of an issue. Derrick is too old for you to discipline him like this!”
  • With his aunt’s help, Derrick got up and held fast onto her hand, “Aunty! Lillian and I are truly in love! Please give us your blessing! I’ve let Henry down, but I didn’t do it on purpose…”
  • Before Derrick had finish speaking, a deep yet magnetic voice came from the doorway, “Don’t apologize!”
  • Everyone froze and turned to look at the doorway. Only to see Kevin Black pushing Henry in on his wheelchair.
  • Henry’s eyes may be sightless, but he sat with great dignity and held himself with authority. He still commanded the attention of everyone in the room despite sitting in a wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair halted and Henry said in a soft voice, “The fiancé that grandfather decided for me was actually Gillian Wesley and not Lillian. Therefore, it has nothing to do with Derrick and Lillian betraying us, but Gillian and I have decided to fulfill the marriage arrangement decided by grandfather and become husband and wife.”
  • Besides Derrick, both Henry’s and Derrick’s parents were surprised by this development.
  • Without waiting for their reaction, Henry continued, “Grandfather thought that Lillian was Gillian. If you all would like to bring this up with grandfather then go ahead, but I will not take responsibility for any consequence that follows!”
  • Even though Henry didn’t raise his voice, he was beyond any doubt.
  • The living room they were in was so silent that you could hear a pin drop.
  • Petunia Porter gave Derrick a reassuring glance. She walked over and pat Henry on the shoulder and chuckled, “Looks like if it weren’t for Derrick, you and Gillian may have continued to miss each other! I will thank Derrick on your behalf!”
  • “Thanks.” Henry said expressionlessly.
  • He gestured towards Kevin, and Kevin wheeled Henry out of the room.