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Chapter 11 Absurd

  • “Gillian Wesley?” Martin Porter curved his lips into a sinister smile, winked at her, and hurled himself on the couch casually. He then glanced at the man on the wheelchair listlessly. “I must say, my brother is quite a lucky man to have both sisters take turns pleasing him!”
  • “Martin!”
  • Henry Porter had not said a word when Master James called him out angrily. “Although Gillian isn’t older than you, she is now your sister-in-law, mind your manners.”
  • “Welcome to the family, dear sister-in-law!” Martin drawled sarcastically, then pursed his lips disgruntledly.
  • Petunia Porter saw that Martin seemed to have changed from his usual listlessness towards Henry. She walked up to him with a gentle look. “Son, mom has something to talk to you about, let’s go upstairs.”
  • “Sigh, what is it now?!” Martin was dragged away unwillingly, but before he went out of sight, he turned around to give Gillian one last menacing look.
  • Gillian swiftly looked away, but the next moment, a warm hand was placed on top of her hand.
  • Henry said to her tenderly, “Gillian, Martin grew up in the overseas since he was little. He tends to be a little carefree and doesn’t think before he speaks, don’t mind him.”
  • “No worries!” Gillian shook her head in response.
  • But she seemed to have noticed that her mother-in-law was slightly apathetic towards Henry and instead doted on Martin.
  • While Henry was chatting with the master, Gillian went to use the bathroom. When she was done, she met Henry who was sitting on the wheelchair and facing the bathroom.
  • She was briefly startled. When she came to her senses, she approached him and bent forward, “Henry, do you need help?”
  • The next second, she noticed a sudden malicious smirk on his face, and in the blink of an eye, he clutched her arm and lugged her towards his embrace.
  • “Ahhh…”
  • Gillian screamed at the top of her lungs but was immediately muffled when the man pressed his thick palm over her lips. He radiated a wicked aura as he whispered on top of her head, “Do not scream, or I will kill you right now!”
  • Gillian’s heart skipped a beat. She looked up at the man without struggling.
  • It was the same perfect captivating face, but it was the eyes that made the difference… She could see the reflection of her petrified eyes as he stared at her piercingly!
  • He can see!
  • Huh!
  • Instead of Henry Porter, this was Martin Porter?!
  • The thought had just surfaced in her mind when Gillian gaped her eyes. She swatted his hand away when she caught him off guard, took a large step backward, and staggered to her balance.
  • “Martin, what are you doing?” Gillian lifted a hand in the air, gesturing for a defensive pose. She eyed down at the man and put all efforts to steady herself but continued panting in shock.
  • Martin raised an eyebrow sharply, then rose to his feet with his hands on the handles. “How did you know it was me?”
  • Looking the man towering over her in the eyes, Gillian transformed her surprised emotions into anger. “Why did you use a wheelchair? Were you trying to impersonate your brother?”
  • “Pfft!” Martin uttered a contemptuous snort. He cornered Gillian with the same sinister grin. “Why would I need to impersonate him? He’s just a cripple!”
  • “Watch your words. He is your brother!” Gillian shuffled backward but refuted him strong-headedly.
  • What kind of a man would attack his twin brother in such a malicious way?!
  • “Interesting!” Martin suddenly stepped forward in a single-wide stride, completely trapped Gillian against the wall, and hooked her chin. “You’re the first woman who would protect that cripple! Interesting!”
  • “Get lost!” Gillian smacked his hand away, shoved him off with a scowl, and filled her eyes with fury. “Martin Porter, as your sister-in-law, I urge you to behave yourself. Otherwise, you may regret it!”
  • “Hoho, you’re sulking now?” Martin rubbed his chin and sized up Gillian unscrupulously. “At a closer look, you’re actually much prettier than the Lillian Wesley chick, but it’s a pity that you don’t doll up! Why don’t you be my woman? Let me assign a professional makeup artist for you!”
  • “Psycho!” Gillian found Martin absurd. After glaring at him peevishly, she turned and dashed towards the living area.