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Chapter 19 Telling A Joke

  • "The Ranked Master of the Iron Tiger Circle?" Cindy exclaimed. Although she was unfamiliar with martial arts, she had met a lot of unique individuals through her father. The Iron Tiger Circle was not known among the common folks as only martial artists were involved.
  • The top rankers of the Iron Tiger Circle were said to be undefeatable, and Desmond's opponent managed to get one of them on their side. Cindy gazed at Ian and asked, "You've got this, right?"
  • "I'm not sure, but we're about to find out," Ian answered. He was uncertain of his capabilities as his injuries had not fully recovered. Desmond was fully aware of the prowess of the fighters from the Iron Tiger Circle. "Cindy, there's a secret chamber behind the bookcase and it leads straight to the garage. If things go wrong, I need you to leave immediately." Desmond said to Cindy with a frown.
  • "No. Dad, I'm not leaving. I have faith in Ian. He will protect both of us." Cindy replied. "Nonsense!" Desmond was ruffled. He only had one daughter, and the Jones family would be done for if they lost.
  • "Sir, perhaps we should leave. The fighters from the Iron Tiger Circle are too strong!" Aiden said. He was intimidated by the presence of the fighter from the Iron Tiger Circle. "That won't do. I can't back down. I would rather die here than letting others know that I surrendered." Desmond replied.
  • "Barnaby, take her out of here!" Desmond insisted. Barnaby swiftly approached and said, "Ms. Cindy, I'll get you somewhere safe right now!"
  • Cindy stood up and held on to Desmond's arm. Her eyes were misted over tears. "No. I am not leaving here. I'll be by your side even if we were to die. You've done everything for me and now it's time for me to do the same. We will either live together or die together!" Cindy uttered.
  • "You're such an obedient daughter," Desmond said. As he finished his words, the two bodyguards standing by the door were killed by a man. Everyone's attention shifted to him. The man had long hair and he was wearing a black suit. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of oppression.
  • "My name is Gregor. Pardon the intrusion." The man broke the silence as he eyed Cindy. "Mr. Gregor, how much did they pay you? I can double the amount if you spare our lives." Desmond said.
  • "You're Mr. Jones, right? Do you think that I'm in it for the money? I kill for sport. If they didn't tell me that you had such a gorgeous daughter, I wouldn't even hunt you down." Gregor smirked. He walked up to the sofa and sat on it with his legs crossed.
  • Aiden frowned as he glared at Gregor. He said, "Mr. Gregor, my father is Jake Hayes, I hope that you can show him some respect by letting them go."
  • "Jake Hayes? Never heard of him. Besides, I don't give a damn about who your father is. Enough talk and show me what you got. If you can defeat me, I'll let you become my father." Gregor insisted as he pulverized the wooden armrest into sawdust with a tap.
  • Aiden felt his blood boiling. He knew that he was no match for Gregor, yet retreating was not an option. Aiden gritted his teeth and replied, "Alright. Since you insisted, I'll gladly comply."
  • "Oh? Didn't know that you can fight. Hopefully, your moves aren't just for show. Come on now, hit me with everything you got!" Gregor said as he protruded his head and tapped his face. He continued, "Be sure to give it all you got, if not it'll be a disgrace."
  • Aiden was certain that Gregor was a weirdo. He did not hesitate since Gregor let him strike first. "Alright. Watch this!" Aiden uttered as he went in for the punch. Gregor did not flinch and took the punch. "What's wrong young man? You call that a punch? Don't stop now and keep it coming!" Gregor grinned.
  • Aiden gritted his teeth and threw three more punches with all his might. However, Gregor remained unmoved. "Is that all you've got? I suppose that your father is nobody after all. Now scram!" Gregor said. He stood up from the sofa and glanced at Aiden menacingly.
  • Aiden felt his legs shaking. He wanted to back down but he remained persistent. "Mr. Jones, Cindy, hurry up and leave. I'll hold him off!" Aiden uttered.
  • "Is that so? I guess you've overestimated yourself." Gregor said as he pushed Aiden away forcefully. Aiden collapsed on the ground. His face turned pale as he could not get back on his feet.
  • It seems that Gregor not only mastered the Shimmer Shield, but he also honed his qi to perfection. I'm afraid that ordinary weapons can't harm him in the slightest.
  • Gregor let out his laughter and approached Desmond. "Mr. Jones, I am yet to be married. If you let your daughter become my wife, I'll gladly spare your life. How does that sound?" Gregor asked with a grin.
  • "Mr. Gregor, I admit you are a skilled fighter but do I look like someone who would betray others for glory?" Desmond said as he secretly gestured to Barnaby to get Cindy out of there. However, Gregor was fully aware of his actions.
  • Gregor continued, "Where else could she go? She can't hide from me as long as she's still on this planet. Oh, she's a virgin as well. This makes things even better!" Gregor walked past Desmond and reached out his arm. He caressed Cindy's face.
  • Cindy was terrified. Her palms were sweaty as it reminded her of the day when she was glared at by hungry wolves. "You can't hurt me, because I am certain that he'll protect me!" Cindy uttered as her gaze fixated on Ian. "Oh? Who could that be? There's someone else capable of protecting you here right now? I certainly didn't notice." Gregor shrugged as he scanned his surroundings.
  • Ever since Gregor appeared, Ian had been sitting there silently. He was uncertain of Gregor's capabilities. If he made a wrong move, Cindy and Desmond would be done for. However, he was certain that Gregor was not undefeatable based on his observation.
  • Ian thought of a plan that can retain his low profile. He stood up and walked towards Gregor. "Mr. Gregor, how about we each tell a joke?" Ian said with a smirk. "Telling each other a joke? How do we go about that?" Gregor asked. He noticed that Ian was limping when he approached him, but he was fearless.
  • Ian successfully grabbed his attention.