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Invincible Lad

Invincible Lad

Waldo Lee

Last update: 2022-12-07

Chapter 1 I Want a Divorce

  • A beautiful policewoman of a criminal investigation team in Riverdale was planning a task for that day. The case was very important, and all the other policemen were listening attentively.
  • However, the serious atmosphere was interrupted by the door creaking open. A young man in a hospital gown limped in. “Ro... Rosie!” he shouted.
  • Everyone's eyes fell on the young man. However, as soon as they saw his face, they could not help regarding him with a disdainful look.
  • All the policemen knew who the young man was. He was Ivan Griffin, Rosie Young’s husband, who lived with the Young family. He was known as the adopted son-in-law, and it was rumored that he had something wrong with his brain.
  • “What are you doing here?” exclaimed Rosie with a frown.
  • ”I... I want… a… divorce!” Ivan stammered. It always took him a lot of effort just to say a complete sentence.
  • "What? That idiot wants to divorce Mdm. Young?”
  • “He's probably in on of his episodes. Look at him. He’s still wearing the hospital gown!”
  • “I don’t know why Mdm. Young chose him in the first place! There were so many young and capable men pursuing Mdm. Young, but why did Mdm. Young marry him instead?”
  • Hearing the murmurs of her subordinates, Rosie’s face darkened. She slammed the table and ordered, “Dismissed! We’ll leave in ten minutes!”
  • Hearing that, the policemen quickly shut up and left the room in a hurry. However, they still could not help bursting into laughter when they passed by Ivan.
  • However, Ivan did not seem to matter at all. “Let’s go… to the… Civil Affairs Bureau now!”
  • "Shut up!" Rosie stomped forward and shrieked, “Ivan Griffin, what's wrong with you? What’re you doing here?”
  • “Divorce... I want a divorce!" Ivan shuddered. Apparently, he was taken aback by Rosie’s fierce demanor.
  • “What? I dare you to say it again!” Rosie yelled. She was so furious that her beautiful eyes turned bloodshot. She did not know what she had done that her father coerced her to marry Ivan, whom she had known since childhood.
  • Rosie did not mind Ivan living with her in the Young residence, but she did not expect him to come to the police station to throw a tantrum. She felt so humiliated.
  • Moreover, Roșie felt she should be the one filing for a divorce. What’s wrong with him? Did he damage his brain after the car accident yesterday? Forget it! He’s always not in the right mind.
  • "Go back home, and we’ll talk about it tonight!” Rosie groaned. She turned around and headed to the parking lot. She was going to handle an important case that day and must keep calm. She could not let Ivan distract her.
  • However, Ivan did not give up and chased after her. “I won’t leave… I want a divorce!”
  • “Damn it!" Hearing that, Rosie was irate again. She turned around and stomped forward to grab Ivan's arm before throwing him over her shoulder. “Ivan Griffin, let me warn you one last time. Go back home or stay here as long as you like, but I’m leaving!” she yelled.
  • With that, Rosie got on a jeep.
  • Vroom!
  • The sound of the car engine was similar to Rosie’s mood. She was frustrated.
  • Lying on the floor, Ivan grunted before sitting up. “Damn it! This body sucks! Not only he suffers from poliomyelitis, but he can’t even speak clearly! Poor me! What did I do? Why did I end up possessing his body?”
  • It turned out that Ivan was drunk last night, and he was hit by a car as soon as he walked out of the bar. When he was dying, Ian somehow took over his body. Almost in an instant, their bodies merged as well as their memories.
  • As a consequence, Ian knew Ivan’s past. Ivan was an adopted son-in-law. Not only that, he was bullied by Rosie. He even had to sleep on the floor at night while Rosie slept on the bed.
  • However, what made Ian more enraged was that he found out Rosie slapped Ivan twice in the morning when Ivan had the accident, and it was just because Ivan crawled onto Rosie’s bed while sleepwalking.
  • Rosie was so furious that she pinned Ivan on the floor and beat him up. As a result, Ivan went out for a drink alone and was hit by a car.
  • Although what happened to Ivan had nothing to do with Ian, Ian recalled Ivan’s memory. On that account, he felt humiliated.
  • That was why as soon as Ian woke up in the hospital, he went straight to the police station to ask for a divorce. However, before he could do that, he got beaten up again.
  • Ian sighed and patted his bottom before getting up. He thought. I must divorce her no matter what. I’m a man. I can't let her bully me all day long.
  • After thinking for a while, Ian decided to leave. He walked toward the gate of the police station. The security guard saw him greeted him with a smile, “Goodbye, Mr. Young!”
  • Damn it! How dare he call me that?
  • Ian glared at the security guard. Although he was mad, he had no choice but to remain quiet. Nonetheless, the security guard burst out laughing again.
  • Ian knew he had to do one more thing apart from divorce. He had to get treatment for Ivan’s body. Otherwise, everyone would laugh at him. Even a security guard looked down on him.
  • Ivan had been suffering from poliomyelitis for twenty years. It seemed that he could not be cured with normal medication.
  • Thinking about that, Ian could not help but sigh. I’d better start earning money in order to get advanced treatment. I don't want to live like this for the rest of my life.
  • Suddenly, Ian saw a notice on the wall before leaving. “Hey, wait a minute. What’s that? A reward of five hundred thousand for tipping off?”
  • A rich man was murdered at home the night before yesterday. The police were asking the public to provide information, and if the criminal was caught, the person would be rewarded with five hundred thousand in cash.
  • Great! It’s a good way to earn some easy money! Ian thought to himself. He then wrote down the address quickly and went straight to the crime scene.
  • Twenty minutes later, Ian arrived at the gate of the rich man’s villa. A cordon of police surrounded the house, but there was no one around.
  • Ian opened the gate and walked in. Then he saw a group of people talking in the living room. Ian spotted Rosie at once. She was frowning, and it seemed that she was thinking about something serious.
  • Ian was afraid that Rosie would see him. He quickly hid behind the parterre and stuck his head out to peek. Besides seven or eight policemen, there were also a group of men and women. They must be the family of the deceased.
  • Ian watched them secretly for a while. However, the police did not seem to have a clue even after searching here and there for a long time. Seeing that, Ian went to them and volunteered to solve the case.
  • Suddenly, everyone turned around and stared at the man in disbelief. There were even revulsions in their eyes. However, since Ivan was Rosie’s husband, they could only glare at him without saying anything.
  • Rosie was piqued to see Ivan kept following her. She strained his ear and shrieked, “What’re you doing here? Get out of here now!”
  • "I... I'm not leaving... I'm here looking for clues..." Ian stammered, grimacing in pain.
  • “What? Looking for clues? Do you mean that we, the police, are even worse than you, an idiot?" The one who spoke was Keith Crawford, the deputy team leader of the criminal investigation unit. In fact, he was not fond of Ivan for a long time. He had been secretly in love with Rosie and did not expect Rosie to marry Ivan who could not even speak clearly.
  • “Yeah, he can’t just barge in and interfere with our investigations, even if he’s Mdm. Young’s husband! Who does he think he is?” One of the police rebuked. It seemed that he was offended.
  • Ian’s words were really an insult to the police. Rosie had no choice but to take out her handcuffs and warned, “Go back to the car and stay there, otherwise…”
  • Ian did not want to be handcuffed. He took two steps back and rolled his eyes. ”The... The murderer is still here!”
  • Hearing that, Rosie could not help but snort. “What? What did you say? Don’t you dare tell me where the murderer is! I’m the team leader for this case, and if you can know who the murderer is, then I must be Sherlock Holmes.”
  • “Yeah! He’s only an adopted son-in-law, a total stranger! How dare he try to swindle the police for the sake to get the five hundred thousand reward for himself? Does he think we’re fools?”
  • “Exactly! Everyone, go and cuff him up. Don't let him affect our investigation!”
  • With that, a group of policemen surrounded Ian in order to subdue him.
  • Ian had no choice but to take a few steps backward. However, as he retreated, he pointed at a man with a scar on his face and exclaimed, "It's... It's him… The murderer.. is him!”
  • However, none of the police believed Ian’s words.
  • Suddenly, the man made an unexpected move.