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Chapter 3 The Deputy Sheriff

  • The tranquil rays of sunshine woke the world from its slumber, The sky was a dusky shade of blue, with a few hints of orange and pink peeking through the clouds. The air is crisp and fresh, carrying the scent of dew and the promise of a new day. Birds chirp melodiously, adding to the peaceful ambiance.
  • The horizon was painted with a golden hue as if beckoning the world to come and embrace another day. It is a moment of stillness before the hustle and bustle of daily life begin, making it a perfect time for contemplation and reflection.
  • However, today was unlike any other day at Hallow Groove, four dead bodies had been found by the roadside by early morning hikers. One of which had rushed to the sheriff's station to report the murder.
  • "What the fuck could have done this?," Deputy Sheriff Tommy said with a frown. It was a horrendous sight. bones and flesh scattered around the road as vultures feasted on the corpses.
  • The bystanders wore a grave expressions as their gaze held terror, fear, and uncertainty. They knew of the wolves wandering the dark, however, they had never had an incident like this for thirty years. They could feel the dark omen that clouded the small town of Hallow Grove.
  • "Hey! Keep them away from the scene," Sheriff Byod told one of the officers on standby noticing the people slowly approaching the scene. The last thing he wanted was to engrave this horrific sight into the people.
  • "What do we do sheriff?, what do we tell their parents?," Tommy asked. He was an average looking young man in his early twenties with a towering height, short dark hair, black eyes, and a very large muscular build.
  • "I don't know Tommy," Sheriff Byod let out a frustrated sigh. despite his uncertainties, one thing was certain, the Klaus brothers were somehow involved. It couldn't simply be a coincidence, the night those two strange men show up, four people end up dead.
  • "For now we need to keep the folks calm, tell them it was a wolf attack, the teenagers were drunk and wandered off to the deeper part of the woods,"
  • "Sheriff Byod!" His attention was grabbed by Alexa who slowly worked her way through the crowd only to be stopped by the officers on standby "Shit, what is she doing here?," Sheriff Byod said with a frown, "Get her out of here Tommy," He ordered his deputy who held a dreamy stare at Alexa as though enchanted by her beauty that his mind had completely zoned out from reality "Tommy!" He yelled his name "She..sheriff," He was brought back to reality by the sheriff's voice. He smiled sheepishly at his sheriff knowing he was caught red-handed drooling over Alexa like an idiot.
  • "Good to have you back deputy, now get her out of here,"
  • "Yes sheriff," He said and made haste for Alexa "Hey don't touch me," She glared at an officer, "Look I just need to have a little chat with the sheriff,"
  • "I'm sorry ma'am can't let you in, sheriff orders," He refused earning a pout from Alexa. She had heard the rumor of a murder in town and had rushed to the scene.
  • "Okay fine," She said darting her eyes for prying eyes before whispering, "How much would it cost for you to turn a blind eye and let me in?,"
  • " can you say that?, preposterous, I don't take kindly to such insult!," The officer's cheeks heated up in embarrassment watching Alexa pull out a few bucks from her pockets and dangled it across his face, "Fuck," He cursed feeling his conviction shaking as his eyes followed the buck like a charm "That's enough officer," Tommy chimed in smiling at Alexa whose gaze was sullen at his arrival knowing it was impossible to bribe the goody two shoes, "I'll take from here," he added as the officer walked away disappointed he had missed out on easy money "Prosperous my ass!" She sneered at the officer "What are you doing here Alexandra?," He asked crossing his arm over his large sturdy chest "Could ask you the same thing," She retorted with a pout staring through her glasses which made her look adorable. A deceiving appearance as the girl was as fierce and bold as a lion.
  • "Well genius, I'm the deputy sheriff remember?," He said earning a chuckle from Alexa "Oh you're right, totally forgot, can't accept the reality of lazy junkie Tommy becoming the deputy," She mocked with a coy smirk, "This town must have run out of men to give you that title,"
  • "Hahaha really funny," He chuckled, "What do you want Alexa?, this is a crime scene you're not supposed to be here,"
  • "Oh come on Tommy, I'm not just anyone remember, I thought friends were supposed to have each other back," She argued pouting her lips in disappointment, "Except we aren't friends..."
  • "Real smart Alexa," He gently pinched her across the cheeks, "Look if it was up to me I'd let you in, but I can't, sheriff orders,"
  • "Can you at least tell me what happened?,"
  • "I don't know, their body was dismembered like a wild beast attack," He said taking her by the wrist and leading her away from the crowd and eavesdropping ears.
  • "Dismembered?, what do you mean?," She asked with a frown. She knew of the wolves that lurked in the deep part of the forest. nonetheless, they had never had an attack as no one ever wandered to that part of the forest, and besides why would a wolf drag its victim all the way to the roadside?, it didn't make any sense.
  • "My guess is just as good as yours," Tommy said watching her face as one would the moon basking in the beauty and perfection of her face. Although he hadn't yet told her about his feelings for her, he had the idea that she already knew.
  • "Some of the folks said they heard roars and howls during midnight," He said pulling a cigarette from his pocket and placing it on his lips. Picking a lighter from his pocket he tried lighting up his cigarette "You've got to be fucking kidding me," He cursed at the lighter which refused to ignite. Annoyed and disappointed, he tossed it aside and returned the cigarette to its pack.
  • "Wolves?," Alexandra asked "They said it didn't sound like wolves, more like some beast,"
  • "Don't you think it's odd?," Alexandra asked deep in thought, "These people end up dead after those two brothers show up?,"
  • "I do, but still, how could a human possibly do this?, it's impossible only a wild beast can," He had heard about the arrival of the Klaus brothers, and although the timing seemed off, he still couldn't believe a human possessed the strength to rip through flesh and bone.
  • "So you believe it's simply a coincide.." She halted her words as Tommy placed his fingers over his lips telling her to keep quiet. She turned to the side and found Sheriff Byod walking in quick steps toward them.
  • "God damn it! Tommy," He cursed. At a single glance, he could tell his deputy had ratted out the whole details to Alexa.
  • "I'm sorry sheriff," Tommy apologized lowering his gaze "I don't have time for this, you have to leave,"
  • "Leave?, to where?," He asked the sheriff who replied "I need you to pay the Klaus brothers a visit, ask them a few questions to find out what they know and if they have anything to do with it, I'll stay back here and, calm the folks,"
  • "Understood sir," He nodded in agreement before Byod walked away toward the troubled crowd to explain the cause of the murder "I'm coming with you,"
  • "What?," Tommy snapped his gaze to Alexa "Look either way I'm going up that hill for an interview, so you can either let me come with you so you can keep me safe with your big strong arms," She winked at him, "Or I can go alone, defenseless and alone,"