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Chapter 9 First Kiss

  • I can't see them all lovey-dovey with each other on the stage. I placed my plate on the table and stood up to run away from there, from them and this damn town. I never knew this hurt this much. I am embarrassed because of his lie. I look like a fool in front of Joanna. She always warned me about him, about him making me a fool every time but I never listened. I am a damn fool.
  • " Fay! Are you alright?" Joanna enquired seeing me sitting still.
  • "Y...yes...s…" I choked out before running from the hall without looking behind and I can hear Joanna calling me but It feels like I am being choked there and I can't breathe properly. I have to get away from them.
  • I heard footsteps following me but I ignored them and ran faster to get away. I can't stay there for more than a second. It is choking the life out of me.
  • How can I be a fool, how can I be played by Ezra? It is so embarrassing thinking that I had a chance with him and making my hopes high. I am just his friend nothing more and just a girl whom he pity.
  • I shouldn't have agreed to come here, and the main thing is I shouldn't have accepted his stupid dress and the chain he gave me.
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