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Chapter 7 Getting Ready With Joanna

  • Finally, this is the day I am waiting for so eagerly. Today is the 14th and there is going to be Ezra's event which he invited me to and we are going to wear the same color. When Ezra left my house that day I called Joanna to inform her about it and invited her on behalf of Ezra.
  • First, she is reluctant to accept the invitation because she and Ezra's enemy bond but I begged her to come with me and finally she accepted.
  • We decided to get ready at my house because it will be easy and Ezra called me to inform me that he is going to send someone to pick us up.
  • Joanna and I are currently sitting in my room doing a skincare routine before the party and I am still waiting for my dress which is to be delivered by Ezra.
  • " Fay! Do you think Mitch is going to show up today?" Joanna asked, massaging her face with something I don't know. This is one of the reasons for making someone's mood horrible.
  • " Don't you think joey that I don't want to think about anything right now because I am in a good mood!" I grumbled glaring at her.
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