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Chapter 12 Heaven On Earth

  • I am bobbing my head up and down tasting his sweet and salty precum and my saliva. He became a moaning mess too, I am on my knees giving him my all taking him to hell and heaven at the same time. It's my first time doing this but I have seen many videos so I know one or two things about how to make your man a puddy in your hands.
  • Seeing Ezra's Expressions and his groans coming out of his mouth made me throb so painfully for him to fill me up. I clenched my thighs to make some friction between my legs desperate to feel that orgasm which he has given me before.
  • " Yes, baby girl don't stop." Ezra moaned out while guiding my head deep, making me choke. He didn't let me finish before pulling me up and made me fall on the bed.
  • " No, baby girl, I want to finish inside you." He said making eye contact with me, I can see his desire shining through his eyes. I bit my lip feeling so turned on by his words that my hand moved down on its own wanting to play with my happy button and relieve myself.
  • " Uh! huh! Not so fast, let me take you, baby girl." Ezra said, removing my hand from my core, sitting between my legs.
  • " Please, Ezra!" I pleaded with him to let me play with it but he just spread my legs and dived between them and kissed my core with a pull making me gasp.
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