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Chapter 29 - I Want To Protect You

  • "!!..."
  • The two women stared at each other for a very brief second before Stephanie Ruan heard a familiar voice that quickly came to her rescue!
  • "Darling, you must have been mistaken! My bedroom is over here. That room is my father's."
  • Javier Zhong called out to her from behind, at the exact same time that Victoria Zhong came face to face with Stephanie Ruan.
  • The timing was perfect and the situation appeared to be purely coincidental that was leaving absolutely no room for doubts - at least to Victoria Zhong.
  • Turning around to face Javier Zhong, Stephanie Ruan spoke in a sarcastic tone, "Oh, how forgetful am I!! I think the next time I should just follow you instead so I will not bump into people whom I'm not interested to see."
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