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Chapter 31 - Can He Help Me?

  • Stephanie Ruan proceeded to walk to the servant's side and squatted down beside her in the most elegant position.
  • Following that, she gently held on to her injured hand and spoke in a soft voice, "Leave it first. Come with me."
  • "What are you trying to do?!" Unhappy with the situation, Victoria Zhong instantaneously questioned her in an unfriendly tone.
  • Standing up, Stephanie Ruan faced her with a cold smile, "Madam Victoria, this girl here has injured her hand. She will come back after bandaging her wound."
  • "No! I said she will clean up the place right now!" Victoria Zhong immediately lost her cool and raised her voice at her.
  • Retracting her 'friendly' look, Stephanie Ruan now stared at Victoria Zhong indifferently, "That's not a question."
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