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Chapter 9 Have You Never Considered How She Would Feel About This?!

  • Gripping the hem of her clothes tightly, Summer quickly headed into the bathroom and shut the door firmly behind her as soon as she entered. Leaning against the door, her body slumped to the ground weakly as if she was suddenly emptied of all her strength. Her eyes gazed forward lifelessly, but she didn’t even know what she was looking at!
  • In the living room separated by the door, Edward stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and poured himself a glass of red wine. The large floor-to-ceiling mirror perfectly reflected his gorgeous and handsome face. It was just that the man he was right now and the Satan-like man he was just now was completely different.
  • He furrowed his eyebrows slightly as if he was troubled about something. His entire temperament suddenly became a little melancholic, and even his eyes that were reflected in the mirror became gloomy and murky too. Although he was only wearing the bathrobe provided by the hotel, he still gave off a dashing, elegant, and natural feeling. Even so, that was how he actually was. Just a moment ago, he had shown the ruthless, cruel, and decisive side of him. Yet, in the next second, he became so different once he was alone. It was very hard to associate these two utterly different temperaments with the same person.
  • He looked down at the twinkling lights outside the window, feeling very conflicted inside. He subconsciously swirled the wine glass in his hand. His mind was filled with the mini-version of himself!
  • All of a sudden, the phone he left on the table vibrated with a buzzing sound. He squinted slightly, looking slightly displeased. Before he came to the hotel, he had instructed that he was not to be contacted tonight regardless of the reason. He placed the wine glass on the table and picked up his phone.
  • Upon seeing the name displayed on the caller ID, his entire person became even colder than before. The depressing aura that originally enveloped him vanished instantly—it was replaced by a dangerous and insidious aura instead. If not for the word ‘Father’ displayed on the screen, anybody who saw him right now would mistakenly think that he was staring at his sworn enemy.
  • Edward curved his lips into a sneer as he answered the phone with an icy attitude. “Dad.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me that you were back?” A cold, aloof, and rather emotionless voice rang out from the other side of the phone.
  • Hearing those words amused him. Do I need to report to him whenever I return home? His voice became unpleasant. “Dad, you must be joking. This is my home. Why should I specifically report to you just because I came home?”
  • How indifferent! How cold! The conversation between them did not resemble the normal conversation between a father and a son at all. Rather, it sounded like the dialogue between enemies!
  • “Edward, what attitude are you taking with me?!” Needless to say, his upsetting words had displeased the person on the other side of the phone as well.
  • “My normal attitude.”
  • “Edward, it doesn’t matter what nonsense you’ve been doing for the past three years. Now that you’ve returned, you should settle down with Summer. It's best if you break up with that woman you keep as a lover.”
  • Break up? That amused him even more. “Are you trying to discipline me right now?”
  • “Edward, Summer gave birth to Charles for you. Don’t you know how to reflect on your mistakes?!” The voice of the person over the phone was mixed with rage.
  • Even so, he clearly had no intention of backing down. He retorted instead, “So what?”
  • “So what? Let me tell you; if you don’t break up with that woman, then don’t blame me for taking action.”
  • “Hah! I await your good news!” After Edward finished speaking, he hung up the phone without bothering whether the other party had finished saying their piece. The rage in his heart was concentrated on the phone he held in his hands. The phone shattered into pieces in no time.
  • “Summer! Summer! It’s your fault again! It’s all your fault!” If I didn’t get tricked by her back then, I’d be living the life I wanted! I wouldn’t be stuck in this state! The more he thought about it, the greater his rage grew.
  • Just then, Summer walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe. She subconsciously let out an exclamation of surprise when she saw Edward’s hand bleeding from the wounds caused by his shattered phone.
  • Edward heard her exclamation and turned around with an expression that had darkened considerably. “Hah! I never thought that you’re not just cunning, but you also have the habit of eavesdropping on other people’s phone calls!”
  • His indifferent gaze sharpened significantly. For some inexplicable reason, his stare made her extremely uncomfortable. She lowered her head and explained in a soft voice, “I didn’t hear your phone call. I only just came out.”
  • By the time she came out, he had already ended the call. She only made a sound at the sight of his bleeding hand.
  • “Your hand is bleeding. You should treat it.” The more she said, the softer her voice became. It sounded like the buzzing of a mosquito—so soft that he could not hear her clearly.
  • He didn’t speak another word; he simply stared at her intently without saying anything. His black eyes were like a bottomless lake—she couldn’t see the emotions in them nor discern what he was hiding deep inside.
  • The woman reflected in his eyes was no different from how she looked three years ago. Other aspects were hard to tell, but her body had not changed—she was still as slim as a willow. Her eyes were like the waves of a sparkling bay, and her pupils were as shiny as obsidian. Unfortunately, they concealed her dirty nature behind them. She might not be the most beautiful woman, but she was elegant and graceful.
  • He suddenly moved quickly and picked her up in a princess carry. Turning around, he roughly threw her onto the bed that was full of fantasies. Then, he pressed down against her before she could react. As if anticipating that she would struggle against him with both hands, he perceptively grabbed both her hands, lifted them above her head, and restrained her movements!
  • “No! Let go!”
  • Despite having both her hands restrained by the man, she continued to struggle restlessly and kicked out with her feet.
  • No! I don’t want this! Even if I can’t escape this, can’t I have some time to prepare myself mentally?! Doesn’t he have another woman that he loves?! How can he sleep with another woman without any hesitation just because he wants to?! I don’t understand. Doesn’t this man care about what that woman thinks at all?!
  • “Summer, did you think I would let you escape at this point?” As soon as the words left his mouth, he kissed her intimidatingly and fiercely.
  • All of a sudden, the man who was kissing her paused in his actions. His black eyes were filled with incredulity. Taking advantage of that pause, she tried to flee. She had only just sat up; before she could get out of the bed, she heard his livid voice.
  • “You asked for this!” His deep and hoarse voice was full of rage.
  • Before she could recover from her shock, she felt the world spinning around her as he threw her on the bed again. “No! Let me go! Don’t do this! Ed—”
  • “Do you know to fear me now, Summer? When you tricked me three years ago, you should have realized that this would happen to you sooner or later!” Sensing that Summer was trembling uncontrollably only made Edward even more excited.
  • “How could you have sex with me?! Have you never considered how she would feel about this?!”