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Chapter 22 I Feel So Dirty Right Now!

  • Jian Ying almost died of shock. Those harsh words that came out of his so called girlfriend's mouth, was like a sharp blade that was pierced through his heart. It was really painful. Meihui was his first love and the only woman he had planned to spend the rest of his life with.
  • He thought she was a good person, just like his mother. But seeing her right there having a hot s*x with his best friend, he knew that he would have to turn the world upside down just to get a woman that would be like his sweet mother. He began to have a splitting headache right there. The show was just too much for him. And right there, his heart was sealed and none could break that seal.
  • Jian Ying"....."
  • Jian Ying just stood there like a statue, trying to grasp the situation right there, unfolding in front of him in that heated atmosphere.
  • He looked at his best friend and girlfriend that was still busy, not caring about anything else in the world. Aiguo Meihui was still screaming on top of Lei Niu. She was having the time of her life.
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