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Chapter 2 Let's Go Home!

  • I searched everywhere in the shopping mall across my street, trying to find my stupid sister. We went there with a shopping list in my hand for a few items for my father at the hospital. He was hospitalized the previous night because he was stressed. "So they said"
  • We haven't even finished shopping, but now, I couldn't find her.
  • I was having a headache already and was angry at her. Just waiting to see her, then extinguish my anger on her.
  • "You just wait till I find you and you will get it from me!"
  • Since I couldn't find her inside, I decided to go and look for her outside because it was getting late already. Staying out late was something my father hated more than anything. I didn't know what she was doing, or maybe she was sleeping somewhere again. She always did that whenever she had the chance to.
  • When I stepped out of the shopping mall, I looked sideways and then I saw my sister not too far away. Standing and talking with a "man". I could not hold back my rage, seeing that she was right there, comfortably talking with a man. That alone made me run mad. I couldn't stop thinking of ways to get back at her.
  • I immediately walked down to them without wasting any more time, waiting to pull my sister's ear. How dare she!
  • "I was here looking for her and she was there conversing with a''man ``! Ok, you just wait! You will surely get it this time!!"
  • After getting close enough, with anger, I screamed her name and she moved her body to the other side to get a better view of the person who called out her name, because the man standing there was obstructing her view. I could not stop admiring the fine man's back and I wondered what his front would be like. For a minute there, I lost myself but I did not waste any time in "fixing up" real quick! I got more angry because my sister was with such a man. How could she have such rare luck?!
  • I refused to accept it.
  • I heard my name and after confirming it was my sister, I got really scared because I knew she was going to do something really bad to me. I was always scared of my sister because she was always having this strong hatred for me. It made me think that I was adopted, "so I thought" and funny enough, it wasn't just her, but my father and mother too.
  • She came to me and pulled my ear, shouting and hitting me everywhere. I became really hot and my face flushed with embarrassment.
  • "Is something wrong with you?"
  • She spat hurtful words at me while dragging me along with her. I was so, so afraid of what would come next. Knowing how wicked my sister could be, I knew I would be roasted alive at home. While I was preparing for my own death, she spoke the big word before marching home.
  • "Let's go home!"
  • Chen Lijuan"....."