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Endless Trials: Before The Birth Of The Baby

Endless Trials: Before The Birth Of The Baby


Update: 2021-10-27

Chapter 1 When You Screamed Out

  • "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!"
  • I heard a deep voice that frightened the life out of me. I was shaking and perspiring seriously, though I didn't really know why...but I guess it was because of the sound of the voice.
  • That voice was strong and it did not give room for delay. Though I was used to shouts and screams but on that day, I experienced a greater force!
  • I knew I would probably face my end on that day. I didn't let it bother me too much as I slowly stood up with the magazine I was holding in my hand.
  • "I..I...I"
  • I stuttered. I turned around slowly and looked at the person who spoke with such a dominant voice.
  • There he was! I was completely stunned. There stood a fine male god, with a finger licking body, tall and manly in every angle. A smooth fair skin, straight black silky short hair, blue eyes, a baby face and "God!", his skin was so milky,"a real Adonis!".
  • I was lost in my own world, drooling at the man in front of me.
  • I wasn't one who did that anyway but that day was totally different. It was like I was charmed.
  • "He was like an angel that was sent by God to inspect earth"
  • While still entranced, I heard another thunderous sound from him, awakening me immediately.
  • "What the bloody hell are you doing and who gave you the right to touch that in your hand?!"
  • I looked at him, trying to pick up words but it was as if the cat got my tongue. His face didn't look like one who could speak like that, but sadly, it was coming from the same person. I had no choice but to speak. What else could I do?
  • "Si...sir, I...umm...I'm sorry, I wasn't planning on taking it. I found it on the ground and I just picked it up when you screamed out"
  • I was stammering.
  • "What?! Screamed out?! He barked at me.
  • "Are you crazy?! How dare you talk back at me like that?!!"
  • "You dare take my magazine and you stand there talking nonsense?!"
  • "Who the hell do you think you are?!!"
  • He was fuming and I could sense, he was a dangerous person to cross part with. After a few seconds of silence, I gathered up courage and spoke to him.
  • "Sir, I did not want to take the magazine like I said before. I wanted to pick it up and then place it on the bench right there. I have no use for it"
  • There was a bench close to an electric pole beside a luxurious car that turned out to be his.
  • He looked at me with disgust and I literally saw black smoke coming out from his ears. His face was so dark, without any emotions"at all". I started fidgeting.
  • "You are g..."
  • He wanted to strike again but was cut short by someone behind him, who screamed my name and I saw him get even more angry. I noticed the voice that instant. It was none other than my sister "Chen Hualing".
  • "Chen Lijuan…!!"
  • "You...!"
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