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Chapter 30 The Lab Oblivion

  • Brielle's POV 
  • Jace and I were still in the underground laboratory. I felt like I was in a completely different world from the surface world. There was so much strange equipment that I had never seen before. I was moving towards a particle accelerator. It was actively smashing protons in rapid circular motions. I mused to myself as I read a sign.
  • Warning: Particle Accelerator! Please do not stick your head inside a particle accelerator.
  • It was pretty funny, the warning sign. It seemed obvious enough for anyone to know that they should not do such a thing. Although, I wondered why I now felt the curiosity to stick my head into it right after seeing the warning sign. I wanted to know why it said I should not. Was it dangerous, or what would happen if I did?
  • "So you must be wondering why I brought you here, right?" Jace asked, pulling my attention back to him. "Step away from the particle accelerator Brielle. That's not the reason why I brought you here."
  • "Hmm, okay, but Jace, I would like to know what happens if I stick my head inside."
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