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Chapter 20 The Job Description

  • Brielle
  • "Nnoooooooooo," my groan of disappointment can easily be heard by the neighbors, frustrated on another unsatisfied dream, I looked to my right and see a perfectly arranged side, damn, I think Hera has already gone for work. I picked my phone and saw Hera's message.
  • I'm off to work; I didn't bother to wake you cos you were sleeping peacefully. I love you, make sure you get that work, and there are baked Rice cakes for you and an Americano Coffee in the flask. Take care. 
  • I smiled; I love you too, baby.
  • As I get ready for today's interview, I might even start working today if I get accepted. I trace my curves in the mirror, my body was not too perfect, at least I had hips and big ass not too big though, but a little like the Kardashians and a tiny waist, no matter how many times I have been told that my shape could cause traffics, I still felt beautiful. Slipping into a crème pencil skirt and a turquoise button-up blouse, I matched it with crème small stamping earrings and 6-inch heels, placing my hair in a high ballerina bun. Grabbing my turquoise cardigan and handbag, I head towards my interview and soon-to-be workplace, LMPT enterprise.
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