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Chapter 7 Doomed

  • Ling Yan woke up and found herself enveloped in endless white, accompanied by the pungent smell of disinfectant.
  • She struggled to get up.
  • “Miss Ling...”
  • Jing Haozhi rushed to help her up, looking serious and worried. “Be careful, your wound...”
  • The wound? Left by the surgery?
  • Consciousness and fragmented memories flooded back, bringing her acute pain.
  • So, she ended up losing everything, didn't she?
  • Ling Yan covered her mouth tightly, to stop herself from crying out loud. Tears fell on the blanket while her body shook violently with a surge of anger and anguish.
  • “Miss Ling, too much mood swings is bad for your health. Whatever happened can't be undone...” said Jing Haozhi.
  • “What do you mean?” Ling Yan looked up.
  • Unsurprisingly, Ling Yan found it hard to accept the fact that she had lost her baby once again.
  • The sight of Jing Haozhi avoiding her gaze only confirmed what she had in mind.
  • “What can't be undone? What do you mean?” she murmured, gazing into the air with vacant eyes. The reality was driving her insane.
  • Ling Yan pounded her chest and cried. “They can take my kidney. They can take my life. But why do they have to kill my baby?”
  • She choked with sobs.
  • The pain in her chest and her heart almost numbed her.
  • Her child was innocent. It deserved to see how wonderful the world was.
  • Jing Haozhi caught her arm to stop her from torturing herself..
  • “Miss Ling, please stop hurting yourself,” he tried to make himself sound as calm and professional as possible.
  • This was when Qiao Yunmo walked in.
  • “It seems I've underestimated the charm of my wife. Another prey at hand already just after the surgery.” Qiao Yunmo sneered at Ling Yan coldly.
  • Jing Haozhi let go of her hand immediately. “Mr. Qiao.”
  • Qiao Yunmo turned to him. “Jing Haozhi, didn't I warn you last time when you helped her run away?”
  • Anger flared up in his eyes, and he continued, “Are you testing my tolerance?”
  • Jing Haozhi had been an earnest and righteous man, so he was not used to the bitter comments from a friend.
  • His fists were clenched, but thinking of Ling Yan's condition, he decided to swallow his pride.
  • “Mr.Qiao, her health condition is worrying. As a doctor, I sincerely suggest you to let her rest.”
  • “Funny.” Qiao Yunmo sneered, “Why don't you mind your own business and leave other people's wives alone?”
  • “Mind your language!” Jing Haozhi flushed angrily.
  • “Qiao Yunmo!” Ling Yan couldn't bear it anymore. “You are intolerable!”
  • Her retort and the way she stood up for another man irritated Qiao Yunmo no end, “Do you know who you are talking to?”
  • Ling Yan supported herself to stand up.
  • “What else can you do for that shameless liar?” She gnashed her teeth and clenched the fists, quivering with indignation. “Twice! Are you aware that you've killed your child twice?”
  • “That's enough!” Qiao Yunmo ordered coldly.
  • “That baby should have existed in the first place! Also...”
  • His voice was ice-cold. “Don't you ever bad mouth Runan again!”