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Chapter 5 My Fate

  • The only thing Jing Haozhi could manage to do was to find another person to disguise as Ling Yan and take the real one out of the hospital in secret.
  • “You could just leave, like forever,” said Jing Haozhi to her in the taxi.
  • Leave? Ling Yan smiled bitterly. “I can't.” She was desperate to leave, but her father was still in jail. How could she?
  • Jing Haozhi held back the words and sighed.
  • Ling Yan was so worried about her father that she didn't notice his expression.
  • Ling Yan knew that even if she got to see her father, nothing would be changed. But she needed to see he was alright, as currently, he was the only reason for her to exist in this world. Despite the risk of being caught by Qiao Yunmo, she had decided to do so regardless.
  • It didn't take Qiao Yunmo too much time to find out. After only fifteen minutes, he had tracked them down.
  • “Did I allow you to leave? How dare you?” Qiao Yunmo was apparently fuming with rage. “As for you, Jing Haozhi. We've been friends for years. How could you betray me?”
  • “Sorry,” Jing Haozhi said in a low voice and left quietly.
  • Ling Yan wasn't sure if he was saying that to her or Qiao Yunmo since he had given her a helpless look when he left.
  • After this episode, Ling Yan was taken back to the hospital.
  • In Wen Runan's ward, Ling Yan saw the “victim” still in a coma, with an oxygen mask on her pale but delicate face.
  • Qiao Yunmo sat beside her and gently tucked her hair behind her ears.
  • Ling Yan watched him in the distance, not sure what he wanted exactly.
  • Ling Yan hated this woman lying over there. If it were not for Wen Runan, her father wouldn't be in jail and her happy marriage wouldn't have ended so badly. But seeing this woman lying there gave her complex feelings. After all, Wen Runan had hurt herself just to get Qiao Yunmo's attention. It was pathetic.
  • “When I first met her, she was still a child.” Qiao Yunmo recalled with a tender look.
  • “I've thought she would always be this happy little girl. However, her father died in an accident, and before long, her mother died of illness and anguish too. Before dying, her mother asked me to take care of her. Naturally, I promised her.”
  • “She had become more and more depressed and irritable. But I couldn't help her. After my parents' accident, I completely lost contact with her. Do you know how happy I was when I met her again after all these years? I thought I could make it up to her. But your father ruined everything.”
  • It was the first time Qiao Yunmo had talked to her about his past. Ling Yan was distressed and confused. She didn't know who was to blame. It was true that she and her father had thoroughly changed his life.
  • Ling Yan thought she was innocent. But who was guilty then?
  • It was very quiet in the room. Ling Yan wanted to say something, to make him feel better. But no proper words could be found. After a long period of silence, she said, “I'm sorry.”
  • For what? She hadn't tried to hurt anyone from the beginning to the end.
  • After a while, a nurse rushed in and reported, “Mr. Qiao, the results show that their types match, and we can now move on with the surgery.”
  • Snapping out of his memory, Qiao Yunmo put on his cold expression again. “Go prep the OR.”