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Chapter 4 Suicide

  • Ling Yan was taken into the operating room and was laid beside Wen Runan. With only a curtain between them, she could vaguely see Wen Runan's pale face.
  • More blood was taken out of Ling Yan's body, causing her dizziness. If she did deserve all this, did it mean that she could atone for her father's sin? Could they just let him off?
  • After some time, she finally lost consciousness and fell into darkness...
  • When she woke up again the next day, she found herself alone in a ward. She struggled to get up, but Jing Haozhi walked in after hearing the sound.
  • “How are you feeling?” asked Jing Haozhi.
  • Ling Yan licked her dry lips and asked, “What about her?”
  • Jing Haozhi sighed. “She's alright, but one of her kidneys was damaged...”
  • He didn't finish, but Ling Yan had a pretty clear idea about what he would say next. They were waiting for the test result. If their types matched, she would be expecting another surgery soon, which would take away one of her kidneys.
  • Ironically, it was her husband's decision.
  • Ling Yan felt sick, so she hid under the blanket. “Please leave me alone for a while.”
  • Jing Haozhi swallowed back the words he was about to say and left quietly.
  • Her vision gradually blurred, and she fell asleep again. In her dream, Qiao Yunzhi was strangling her and yelling, “You killed her! Go to hell!”
  • “No! I didn't!” She woke up with a start.
  • “A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. I guess you can't sleep well because you felt guilty?” ridiculed Qiao Yunmo.
  • Ling Yan was gasping for breath, not sure about his intention. “What do you want?”
  • “I want you to suffer.” Qiao Yunmo put on a cruel smile. “And you know what? For fear of punishment, Ling Chengzhou committed suicide in jail this morning.
  • Suicide?
  • It was impossible!
  • “You made him do so, didn't you?” Ling Yan felt a sharp heartache and glared at the man standing beside her. “You tried to kill him.”
  • She made an assumption, but part of her knew it was the truth.
  • Qiao Yunmo felt uncomfortable about the certainty in her tone. He bluntly replied,. “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. Either way, you are going to pay for Runan's suffering.”
  • “It was I who hurt her. Go after me! Why did you after my father?,” she shouted herself hoarse. She wanted to tell him it was not the truth, and it was all Wen Runan's scheme. But nobody would believe her as Wen Runan seemed to be the victim.
  • “Tired of defending yourself?”
  • Ling Yan had given up explaining. There was a high and thick wall between them, keeping them from trusting and understanding each other.
  • When Qiao Yunmo turned around to leave, he heard her murmuring, “Will you believe me if I do?”
  • Well, he had witnessed the whole thing. Was she going to find herself another excuse?
  • He wanted to say that out loud, but something just choked his words. He paused for a minute before leaving the room.
  • In the evening, Jing Haozhi brought her dinner. Ling Yan pushed the food away and knelt down before him.
  • “Please help me. I beg you.”
  • This was her last resort. She didn't care what Qiao Yunmo did to her, but she couldn't just let father suffer in jail.
  • Jing Haozhi was startled by her sudden move. He bent over, trying to help her stand up. “What are you doing, Miss Ling?”
  • “My father committed suicide in jail. I need to see him.”
  • Jing Haozhi looked at this weak and broken young woman, who was once radiant and beautiful. Finally, he nodded.