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Chapter 3 She Deserves It

  • Wen Runan's mild voice and her proud smile cut Ling Yan into pieces.
  • The hatred and regret built up and burst out all at once . “I'll kill you! I swear, I will!”
  • She struggled to stand up and jumped at Wen Runan.
  • Nevertheless, Ling Yan had just experienced a miscarriage, so her attack was not hard to avoid.
  • Wen Runan swiftly dodged, and Ling Yan fell hard on the ground. More blood was coming out of her body.
  • “How dare you? You loser!” Wen Runan got angry as well. After quickly looking around, she spotted a knife on the table.
  • “Are you feeling bad for you little bastard? Let me do you a favor and send you to hell to be with it.” Wen Runan grabbed the knife and seized Ling Yan's hair.
  • Ling Yan could taste the blood in her mouth. Weak as she was, the anger drove her mad. She wanted to kill this woman, for her lost babies.
  • All of a sudden, she sprang to her feet and snatched the knife, pointing it at Wen Runan.
  • Terrified by her expression, Wen Runan screamed, “Ling Yan, please don't!”
  • The noise alerted Qiao Yunmo, who rushed in and saw Ling Yan pressing against Wen Runan with a knife. There was blood everywhere. Ling Yan looked ghostly pale but furious at the same time.
  • Qiao Yunmo had never seen his wife like that.
  • “Stop!” Without a second thought, he dashed towards them.
  • At the same time, the knife was pushed into Wen Runan's body.
  • “Runan!” roared Qiao Yunmo.
  • Time stopped, and the world went silent.
  • Ling Yan had stabbed her! She had stabbed her! How dare she hurt Runan, the little girl whom he had been protecting so well?
  • Ling Yan looked at the knife in her hand in confusion. She hadn't really moved. What had happened?
  • “You can never beat me,” Wen Runan whispered to her. She sounded weak but proud.
  • Ling Yan couldn't believe that this woman would hurt herself just to set her up!
  • “Runan, how are you feeling?” Qiao Yunmo pushed Ling Yan away and carried Wen Runan gently. “I'll get you to the hospital. Hang in there.”
  • “Please don't blame her. She's just having a tough time.” Wen Runan defended Ling Yan with a weak voice.
  • Ling Yan found it impossible to explain. She breathed hard and shook head blankly. “I didn't… I didn't.”
  • However, she was bathed in blood and had a knife in her hand. She basically looked like a devil from hell.
  • “Don't worry, Runan.” Qiao Yunmo cast a glance at Ling Yan. “I'll make sure she pays the price.”
  • Ling Yan was taken to hospital as well. Wen Runan's surgery lasted for three hours, so Qiao Yunmo waited outside the Emergency Room.
  • “You should have never hurt her.” His voice was cold like ice.
  • Ling Yan leaned against a bench, barely surviving.
  • The nurse came out and briefed them on the situation. “Her kidney is damaged, and she's having a massive hemorrhage. We are running out of blood.”
  • “Use hers.” Qiao Yunmo pointed at Ling Yan. “And see if her kidney is a match.”
  • “But…” The nurse hesitated. “She looks…”
  • “That's fine,” Qiao Yunmo cut in, “I don't care if she dies. She deserves it.”