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Chapter 29 His Indifference

  • “Mr. Qiao must be joking . I’m not a child who can’t sleep without a doll. Why would I be unaccustomed to living without it?” Ling Yan smiled as she looked into the man’s eyes.
  • Her feigned relaxedness and apathetic expression hurt Qiao Yunmo’s eyes.
  • “Can you not call me that?”
  • He longed to embrace her and to keep his lover close to him, so that she could no longer easily escape from his side.
  • He wanted to loudly confess his guilt to her so that she could once again be that woman who loved him with all her heart. However, he was the one who had sinned, and what right did he have to force her to forgive him?
  • The smile on her face felt sluggish after she saw the pain in his eyes.
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