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Chapter 2 Take Care of It

  • There was an acute pain in her body that seemed to verify what Qiao Yunmo had said.
  • The pain was familiar to Ling Yan, since she had lost another baby after a similar pain last year.
  • When she felt something warm flowing out of her body, she panicked and staggered towards her husband. “Please. Please help. It's your child.”
  • Ling Yan still couldn't believe this man would hurt his own child just to get back at her father. Even though her father had ruined his life once, she hadn't done anything wrong, and the child was absolutely innocent.
  • The blood coming out of her body made a strong contrast with her snow-white nightdress.
  • Qiao Yunmo frowned slightly and made a phone call. However, it was not the ambulance that came. It was Jing Haozhi, Qiao Yunmo's personal doctor.
  • “Take care of it,” Qiao Yunmo ordered coldly, like an experienced executioner.
  • Ling Yan was devastated. He had been such a perfect loving husband just a few days ago, yet now everything had changed in an unbelievable way. She felt like she had never really known who he was.
  • “Yunmo, please don't. I can pay for my father's debt, but the child is innocent. It hasn't gotten the chance to even see what the world is like. Do you really want to take that away from it?” Ling Yan crawled back and begged. However, he just stood by, ignoring her.
  • “Mr. Qiao…” Jing Haozhi couldn't help feeling sympathetic to this poor woman.
  • “Remember whom you work for.” Qiao Yunmo frowned and stopped him.
  • After a short period of silence, Qiao Yunmo left without hesitation.
  • Her last hope was gone, so was the light in her eyes. In despair, she peacefully took the pill from Jing Haozhi and swallowed it down with water.
  • Her mouth and heart were filled up with bitterness. When Jing Haozhi gave her a piece of candy, she froze. The next thing she knew, she was crying like a child.
  • She had hated taking medicine ever since her childhood, but unfortunately, she had been getting sick quite often. Every time after she had taken the medicine, Qiao Yunmo would give her candy to make her feel better.
  • Memories flashed back like the deadliest poison and suffocated her.
  • Familiar voices were heard outside, and soon, the door was opened.
  • Ling Yan looked up with tears on her face and visible hatred in her eyes.
  • “Yunmo.” Wen Runan looked pale and weak. “It was Ling Chengzhou's fault. She didn't do anything.”
  • “Like I said, there's no point in keeping that child. Considering what her father did, they deserve this.” Qiao Yunmo patted her shoulder gently and comforted her.
  • Ever since being raped by Ling Chengzhou, Wen Runan had been mentally unstable, so Qiao Yunmo had to stay with her as often as he could.
  • Ling Yan fixed her eyes on Wen Runan, Qiao Yunmo's childhood sweetheart who claimed to have been raped by her father. Obviously, Wen Runan was the woman her father had warned her about.
  • “I don't care if you are seeing another woman. But why do you have to kill the baby?” Ling Yan huddled in the corner.
  • Qiao Yunmo turned to her and said dryly, “I don't want to have a child with you.”
  • “Yunmo.” Wen Runan bit her lower lip. “Can I talk to her for a while?”
  • Qiao Yunmo hesitated and took a glance at Ling Yan. Then, he nodded with a frown. “I'll be just outside. Call out if you need help.”
  • Ling Yan gave him a tense smile. Was he still worried that she might hurt his sweetheart with this broken body?
  • How cruel he was! He was her husband, but he cared so much about another woman.
  • After Ling Yan was left alone with Wen Runan, she asked, “You made it all up, didn't you? The rape and your health problem. They are not true, are they?”
  • “Of course. They are all made up. He didn't rape me. He's just a scapegoat.”
  • Ling Yan hadn't expected her to admit everything so easily. While she was still astonished, the brutal truth kept bombarding her.
  • “There's more that may interest you. Actually, the medical abortion was my idea,and your miscarriage last year was because of the pill I put in your food. Poor little things. They could have lived happily if they had not been your children.”