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Chapter 19 The Cold-Blooded Person

  • Jing Haozhi reached the entrance of the hospital and hurriedly rushed inside.
  • He had taken a leave that morning. Who would've known that there would be a patient with an emergency that required him to be the main surgeon? He had no choice but rush over.
  • “Doctor Jing,” someone came up to him and blocked his way.
  • After he looked at his watch and determined that he still had some time, Jing Haozhi replied, “Mr. Qiao.”
  • He did not expect to meet Qiao Yunmo here.
  • Qiao Yunmo was known for his coldness, but that was because he didn't pay any attention to those people. The coldness Qiao Yunmo was showing to him right now was different. Jing Haozhi could see the hostility in his eyes.
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