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Chapter 11 Completely Broken

  • Ling Yan froze for a few seconds, only reacting after a long time, “You, what did you say?”
  • “I said don't even think about it!” Every word was filled with absoluteness.
  • Qiao Yunmo slammed forward, squeezing Ling Yan's shoulder.
  • Ling Yan could clearly feel her bones creaking under the force of his hand.
  • “You're divorcing with me so that you can go find Jing Haozhi, right? Ling Yan, your wishful thinking is loud enough,” he sneered, exuding a domineering aura.
  • Ling Yan did not understand. He obviously hated her father, and he also hated her to the point that he couldn't even tolerate their unborn child. So why would he still keep her as his wife?
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