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Deadly Love

Deadly Love

Update: 2022-10-28

Chapter 1 Miscarriage

  • “The defendant, Ling Chengzhou, is found guilty of embezzlement and bribery. He is sentenced to five years in prison.”
  • “Yan, get out of here right now. Leave the country if you can. Qiao Yunmo has been lying to you. He's seeing another woman, and it was he who set me up. Leave him as soon as possible.”
  • “No! No!” Ling Yan woke up from another nightmare. Since her father was put into jail, she hadn't had any good sleep.
  • She turned to everyone she could think of for help, but knowing her father's situation, they all avoided her. If it were not for the health of the baby, she would never stop doing so.
  • The rain fell pitter-patter on the window, accompanied by thunder and lightning. She was startled and looked up. A man was seated beside her.
  • “Qiao Yunmo,” she called his name softly, with overwhelming bitterness. Ling Yan recalled her father's warning and queried, “Why? Why did you do this to my father?”
  • Why? Why did the man she loved for years have to harm her beloved father after three years' marriage?
  • Qiao Yunmo looked away from the window and smiled cruelly. “He deserves all these. You know what? Even his life is not enough to pay for what he did.”
  • “What happened thirteen years ago was an accident. He didn't mean it, and he had tried every way to make amends”
  • Thirteen years ago, Ling Yan's mother had passed away, which had deeply influenced her father's temperament. He had made some huge acquisitions by force. One thing had led to another. Many people had lost their jobs, and Qiao Yunmo's parents had been among them. On their way to look for new jobs, they had been killed in a car accident, leaving their only son, Qiao Yunmo an orphan. To atone for what he had done, Ling Chengzhou had adopted Qiao Yunmo.
  • “Accident?” Qiao Yunmo chewed over the word and sneered, “What about Runan? Did he accidentally rape her?”
  • “What?” Ling Yan was shocked. “No way! That's impossible!”
  • She was very sure. Her father was an upright and trustworthy man who would never do such things. Qiao Yunmo must be mistaken!
  • “Impossible?” Anger turned Qiao Yunmo's eyes into bright red. He seized her chin, violently. “I saw it in person!”
  • “No way! No way!” The sharp pain in the chin caused tears in her eyes. She wanted to argue, but her words were so powerless.
  • “This is not the end. You will see.” Qiao Yunmo let go of her and stood up, about to leave the room.
  • “What about me? Who am I? Your wife or a stepping stone for your revenge?”
  • And what about their marriage? Was it no more than a trial to make his experience more heroic?
  • Qiao Yunmo stopped, but no response was made.
  • “Well, besides that,” he turned around at the door, as if recalling something least important, “There's no point in keeping the baby. I've put this pill for medical abortion in your food.”
  • Abortion?
  • Ling Yan laid a palm on her belly where her baby had been growing for three months. For the sake of her child, she hadn't skipped one meal even though she had been worried sick about her father these days. But now he was telling her that he had been putting pills in her food all along?