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Casanova's Virgin Wife

Casanova's Virgin Wife


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Casanova

  • Her sister Hannah is the only relative Victoria has; her parents died when she was just 12 years old. Life has not been easy for both of them, they were raised by a malevolent aunt who constantly mistreated them and humiliated them for pure pleasure. One day a generous neighbor took them to a shelter so that they would not suffer anymore, taking advantage of the absence of their aunt who was a woman of bad life and thus avoid a greater evil. Since that moment he has taken care of his little sister who is currently 15 years old.
  • She is very dismayed by the news that Victoria has just received, her best friend Joshua has told her that Hannah has suffered a serious accident. A car crashed into her while crossing the street and she had fled.
  • She arrives at the hospital full of anguish with her eyes full of tears and runs into a doctor in the hallway and quickly asks him about her sister. Coincidentally, she is dealing with the case of Hannah, who is in a very critical situation with a very severe clinical picture. If something happens to her sister, Victoria will probably die of sadness.
  • “Good afternoon, I am Hannah Tucson's sister. How is she, doctor?” Vicky asks mortified.
  • “Your sister is in critical condition; her prognosis is reserved.”
  • “My God, are you going to die, doctor?”
  • “We must wait, when I have more information I will send it to you. Excuse me,” and the doctor leaves without saying anything else.
  • They immediately call their best friend Joshua who has been very good to them, he is the brother they never had, they met him when they arrived in Washington from Virginia where they previously lived. Thanks to Joshua's support their lives have been more bearable.
  • “Hello Joshua, it's Victoria.”
  • “Hello Vicky, how is Hannah doing?”
  • “It's wrong, your diagnosis is reserved.”
  • “Oh my GOD.”
  • “Did you see how they ran her over?”
  • “I didn't just see the ambulance that was taking her away and call you immediately, friend.”
  • “This can't be happening, Joshua,” Vicky cries uncontrollably.
  • “Don't worry, Vicky, I'm going out there, you're not alone,” and Joshua hangs up on the call.
  • *****
  • On the other hand, on the other side of town, Jeremy Clark enters a hotel to have a sexual encounter with one of his conquests. He tilts his head and notices the presence of the young woman, with a mischievous look along with an evil smile. When the young woman saw him, she immediately ran towards him.
  • “Hello darling. “You are gorgeous,” says the young woman.
  • "Always dear," he smiles cheekily.
  • He arrives at the reception and the receptionist recognizes him for being an important model, businessman and only son of the richest man in the city of Washington.
  • “My God, Jeremy Clark,” says the young receptionist.
  • Jeremy makes a dismissive gesture at him as if telling him to leave him alone. He is a very boastful and conceited guy. They quickly go up to the room and the suite was obviously the presidential one, flaunting all the fortune it boasts.
  • “Come closer, honey. What are you doing standing there?” he demands his lover in turn.
  • "I'm going," the woman smiles mischievously. "You're very conceited and also handsome, I love you."
  • "I imagine I'm fascinating, dear," Jeremy expresses all his vanity.
  • They take their time in the room to satisfy your desires. When he finished, he quickly dressed, leaving the woman lying on the bed without giving her any explanation for his departure.
  • “Jeremy Are you serious, you're just leaving?” claims the young woman.
  • “Yes, I already finished what I came to do. The room is cancelled, after a while my assistant will make a transfer for you.”
  • “But Jeremy…”
  • "No drama, dear," he leaves and redirects a kiss from a distance, in turn he winks and leaves very relaxed.
  • At the exit of the hotel, your driver with all his security personnel will be waiting for you. He gets into his car and says to the driver:
  • “Travis let 's go get a drink.”
  • "Right away, sir," the driver responds.
  • While he goes to the bar he checks his cell phone and notices all the popularity he has on social networks and his ego inflates at full speed. Jeremy enters the exclusive bar and sits in a prime spot on the bar, immediately motioning to the bartender to take his order. He is more than a regular customer, so the bartender already knows what to offer him.
  • “How are you doing Lucas?” Jeremy greets while taking his drink slowly.
  • "Very good sir," Lucas responds.
  • “Any new conquest Lucas?”
  • “No sir, I am very happy with my fiancée.”
  • “You're serious, Lucas. Why hold on to one when there are thousands of women to enjoy,” Lucas smiles at Jeremy's comment.
  • He is an inveterate womanizer and thinks that because he has everything, women are only objects of desire for him and nothing more. He turns around and sees a beautiful waitress who is new to the bar, she is a very beautiful woman with brown hair, green eyes and fine features with an amazing body. He is struck by the exotic beauty of the young woman.
  • "Lucas, I'll leave you better. I'll go to one of the tables and please send this girl to serve me," he points out and orders Lucas with a lustful smile.
  • “Right away, sir,” Lucas smiles with the same complicity.
  • He quickly sits down at one of the tables in a secluded place where he can better appreciate the girl and thus give free rein to his plans of conquest.
  • “Good evening sir, what can I serve you?”
  • “I would like you on a silver platter,” the girl blushes, “two double whiskeys please.”
  • “Two?”
  • “If the other one is for you, you're going to drink with me.”
  • “I'm working sir. I am going to be fired.”
  • “That is not a problem. I am the owner of this place,” the girl is surprised and goes for the drinks.
  • Lucas quickly tells the young woman to take care of Jeremy's needs, she immediately agrees since she urgently needs the job. A situation that this Casanova uses to his advantage to satisfy his base instincts.
  • The young woman, for her part, does not see the situation as a problem since Jeremy is a very attractive man, with a captivating look and a manly appearance that leaves more than one speechless.
  • The girl smiles and nods. He remains to keep this Don Juan company and the rest is history. He always gets what he wants until now no one has said no to him.
  • Jeremy Clark is everywhere, in magazines, on some billboards, on internet sites and on his endless advertising platforms that it is not at all difficult to know who he is. Cindy, the beautiful waitress, doesn't find it difficult at all to lose her dignity with this stranger. She follows the rules where the customer is always right and what a customer, the owner of the place and the most sought-after bachelor in the city.