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Captive Of The Count

Captive Of The Count

Hanifah Amirah

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Hello again, my lovely readers❤
  • Here is Amara's story as I promised and I am super excited to start it and share it with y'all.
  • Thank you for reading 'The Alpha King's Rejected Mate'❤
  • For the new readers, I think you can read this as a stand-alone as I wouldn't make too much reference to the first book but please feel free to read the first, if you like❤
  • This is my first Vampire romance and I will try my best to make it good😘😘😘 fingers crossed😇😇😇
  • ***
  • Nyx's pov
  • Do not cry over him, he is not worth it! I reminded myself as the images of his betrayal flashed through my head making me remember how worthless he had made me feel, making me remember how his selfish actions had driven me to the brink of lunacy.
  • My fingers traced the deep cuts on my wrists reminding me yet again of what had happened. They had begun to heal now, they ached less and were beginning to fade but I couldn't care less as I was used to the pain and the scarring which was evident all over me.
  • "Mummy, why do you still look sad?" Amara pouted drawing me away from my thoughts, "Are you going to put yourself back to sleep again?" My heart tore at her last question and I could feel my tears welling in my eyes again.
  • I had been incredibly selfish, not thinking about how she was going to fare while I slit my wrists.
  • My only thoughts at that moment were getting away from him, away from this terrible pack of people without thinking for once about what was going to happen to her, "No baby, I am not putting myself back to sleep." I reached out to her and picked her from the ground before pulling her to my lap, "Mummy will always be here with you." I dropped a kiss on her forehead before smoothing her hair and hugging her tightly, "Always."
  • "Always." She smiled curling her tiny arms around me, I doubt she knew what the word meant but I could tell that in her cute little head it sounded like a pinky promise just as it sounded to me when I was her age.
  • We stayed in that position for a while, sitting on the grass behind the pack house basking in the soft rays of the sun. I loved this place, it was away from the pack members and from here you could take in the view of the beautiful meadow at the beginning of the forest with butterflies flocking over the flowers that grew in it, "Ooo! Butterflies!" Amara squealed as she caught sight of them, "Can I go play with them? I want to pluck flowers too!" She pleaded as she bounced on my lap while giving me the doe eyes, "Please, mummy, please…"
  • "Okay baby." I agreed and lifted her off my lap. She got on her feet immediately, and pressed a kiss to my cheek before running off while swinging fluffy in the air, "Be careful not to fall." I screamed after her as she reached the low bushes and began to hop after the pretty insects.
  • "I think our dear king is going to die if you do not forgive him sooner." I got startled at the voice, jumping up in fright with a gasp escaping my lips, "Well if you ask me, I rather he dies." I had turned around now to see Xerxes standing with his hands clutching his signature staff and a grim look on his face, "Did I startle you, Luna?"
  • "No, sorry." I finally said something before picking at my dress and sitting on the floor again, "I was just hmm…"
  • "Startled." He said sitting next to me with his staff laid between us, "How are you?"
  • "I am fine," I replied skeptically as I wasn't used to his company. We hadn't gotten to talk except on rare occasions, "How are you?" I asked twisting my fingers nervously while gazing at Amara who was still chasing the butterflies.
  • "She is quite the cheerful child." Xerxes spoke ignoring my question, his eyes gazing at where Amara was with a smile on his lips, "You have someone to live for."
  • "I guess she's better off without me." I sighed picking at the grass with my fingers while my head hung low, "Sometimes, I wish I had d…" I couldn't finish the sentence as I was struck on the head, "Owww." I yanked my hand off the ground and touched it to the throbbing spot where he had whacked me with his staff, "What was that for?"
  • "Wishing you had died." He grunted with a glare, "That child needs you luna, your pack needs you, and sadly does your stupid King." I laughed at the last part of his statement.
  • I often wondered how he got around insulting the king freely and then I remembered how he was like a father figure to him and Lycus couldn't intentionally harm him, "You do need to be strong, Just like she will be." His gaze was directed on Amara now, "Just like your mother was." He mumbled softly but I heard it, I heard his words.
  • My mother, he knew my mother, "You knew my mother." I gazed at him sternly, "You knew her?"
  • "I never denied that I didn't." He shrugged like he didn't just drop a bomb, like the piece of information he just revealed wasn't surprising, as my initial emotion of surprise was unwarranted and would be termed as overreacting.
  • "You remind me of her." He continued with his fingers gripping onto his staff, "I knew you had to be hers when you first came but I had my doubts and now I am more than convinced that you are hers." He said, "The similarities aren't to be missed."
  • "How did you know her?" I asked with the hope that he'd tell me about her as I never had the chance to know her, "Please…"
  • "We were best friends, a trio, your father included." He began and at the mention of my father, his face turned sour.