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Baptism Of Fire

Baptism Of Fire


Update: 2021-10-08


  • "A student was found dead on an abandoned building nearby Atkinson Street. The said victim experienced horrific tragedy, her face covered in bruises and was almost unrecognizable. The investigation team also suspected rape attempt as her sensitive spot was found swollen and bleeding. The victim's only identification was the ID she was wearing the night when the crime took place. The grief of the bereaved parent broke the hearts of those who have heard their painful cries. Up to date, the police have not yet identified the suspect of the heinous crime."
  • The droplets of rain were pelting down. The stars were concealed as ferocious thunderstorm roared upon the place. But the catastrophe happening outside is nothing compared to the utmost rage stirring inside the unlit room.
  • Their gaze narrowed as gruesome images flashed upon the screen. The jagged streak of lightning pass upon their eyes burning with cold fury. 
  • There's only one thing in their minds right now- revenge.
  • "I will never forgive them for doing this to you. I promise, I'll break the rings of hell just to make them suffer."
  • The continuous ringing of my alarm clock wakes me up from my slumber I  rubbed my bleary eyes and walked towards the window to open the curtains. There was a pearly glow in the sky. The sun poured through my window, its warm breeze fondle on my face and the melodic birdsong drifted in. Another day had dawned, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations.
  • After folding my blanket and doing my morning rituals, I immediately climbed down the stairs.
  • I let out an exasperated sigh before making myself a sandwich and a cup of coffee. I have no time to cook anymore. And I know my mother won't do it for me as well.
  • Luxury and extravagance are not something that you should expect in my life. We're living in a not so spacious house, but we're not that penurious. We're able to eat enough and I'm attending school. I have a roof over my head, so I guess I'm still lucky. Some people out there experience much worse.
  • After I finished eating my sandwich, I immediately took a bath. It's the first day of school, meaning new struggles as a student. I can already imagine the thick stacks of paper works that we need to do during the whole semester.
  • I'm studying in Ridley University, one of the most prestigious school in the country. Actually, this is just my second year in that University. I spent my junior high school years in a different school. If you're wondering how am I able to study there, that's because of scholarship. As luck would have it, I have the brain and intellect that I use to my advantage. I'm still lucky that in spite of my mother's imprudent behavior, she supported me in entering a reputable school, so she's not that evil after all.
  • The clamor from several students invaded my ears as soon as I stepped out of the cab. The way they greet each other seems like they haven't seen each other for ages, walking on the hallway while talking about their vacations. 
  • I'm walking in silence while my earphone, in its maximum volume, was plugged in my ears. Suddenly, a girl smiling all ears came running towards my direction. I grimaced at her being so hyperactive.
  • "Lauren!" she exclaimed, catching the attentions of many students. I shoot daggers at her, mouthing 'shut up' that she ignored and continue shouting my name.
  • "Haven't you drank your medicines yet?" I asked scornfully when she walked beside me.
  • She rolled her eyes. “I just miss you much. Imagine, it's almost three months that we haven't see each other," she said dramatically and started narrating her vacation experiences, but my mind was too preoccupied with other things. 
  • "Are you listening to me?" She asked with a creased forehead.
  • "Y-Yeah, what is it again?"
  • She scoffed. "Never mind. How about you, how's your vacation?"
  • I just gave her a flat stare and she already knew the answer. I was rotten in our house the whole vacation, enduring the never ending hissy fit with my mother.
  • Lorelei Shin, Lei for short, my only trusted friend here in the University. I can assure you that most of the students here are immature, self-centered and hubristic because of their parents' money and power. Since this is a prestigious school, expect those bunch of spoiled-brats. I don’t want to be affiliated with them, the reason why I seem distant and aloof most of the time. 
  • When we reached our room, the sight of a rowdy class greeted us. Samantha, Claire and Alexandria are talking about the places they went to during the vacation period. Carter, Lincoln  and Asher are throwing papers with each other. Aeron and Josiah are bickering, their voices are too loud and I’m certain that the sections under our floor can hear them. Lucas, just like his usual self, is reading a book in silence. I sighed in displeasure.
  • I find a seat at the back near the window and plug my earphones in to lessen the noise. Lei sits next to her other friends, and I don't mind it though.
  • I'm about to close my eyes and feel the rhythm of the music when I felt someone poking my cheeks. I opened my eyes and my orbs settled on this stubborn guy. I stared at him flatly and gave him a death glare. If stares could kill, he's probably running out of breathe right now.
  • He raised his hand and let out a lunatic laugh that infuriates me even more.
  • "What?! You're too hot-headed. "
  • "Stop pestering me. Will you?"
  • He hissed. "You know what? That kind of attitude only suits beautiful faces. In your case..." He puts his hand on his chin while staring at me with a feigned curiosity. His lips are curved into a cocky grin.
  • I stand irately and search for a new seat before I lose my composure. I wanted to applaud him for successfully ruining my peaceful morning.
  • Sloane Hayne Laxon, one of the most popular guy in school, who happened to be my classmate. Girls flock around him because of his looks, which I could not repudiate, he's indeed an epitome of handsomeness. Not to mention his family is well-known for its reputation in the business industry.
  • The door opened and a woman wearing a small smile and carrying a thick text book enters the room. She's not familiar to me, probably a new teacher because of her attire. But she looks too young to be one.
  • "Good morning class," she greeted but no one bats an eye and continue minding their respective businesses.
  • "Good morning class," she repeated louder so I decided to stand up along with Lei and Lucas. 
  • Don't be surprise, my classmates were not only ill-mannered towards other students, but also to teachers. They don't respect them as well. I highly doubt if they respect anyone at all aside from their conceited and imperious selves. Clump of obstreperous people.
  • "I said good morning class and only three students greeted me back. Are y'all deaf or just plainly rude?" she shouted, losing her last string of patience.
  • Defeaning silence filled the four corners of the room. Everyone stares at her in awe, even I was stupefied on my spot.
  • Amber suddenly stands proudly and raises her eyebrows. "Excuse me Ms. But who gave you the permission to shout on us? As far as I know, you're just a teacher," she taunted her.
  • "I'm a teacher, not just a teacher," she retaliated, emphasizing her words.
  • "Huh! You have the guts to answer back? Do you have any idea who am I?"
  • The woman in front of us sighed. "I don't care who you are. Now, I'm requiring you to suit yourself before I forget that you're my student, and this book might land over your face. Please stop showing your awful attitude," she said sternly, beckoning Amber to sit down. Our classmates giggle at the scene. She seemed embarrassed while returning to her chair but still frowning.
  • "I hate her guts! She will regret doing this to me!" Amber whined while stamping her feet.
  • The woman in front of us fixed her eyeglass before smiling. "Now that all of you are already acting according to your age, let me introduce myself." She writes her name on the board.
  • "My name is Clara Eloise Montreal, you can call me Ms. or Ma'am Clara." She paused and roamed her eyes around, the beam on her face is now nowhere to be found. "I only have one rule to implement, listen or get out of my class. I don't care if you're the richest kid here," she said giving Amber a short glance. "I'm your teacher and you're my students, show me some respect. I won't tolerate nasty behavior inside my class. I don't care who you are outside this school, but for as long as you're inside my premises, behave and act appropriately. I'm looking forward on teaching all of you."
  • Maybe this is not the worst year after all. In recent years, all of our teachers gave up on us because of  how chaotic our class is. They could not handle the behavior of some. I remember back then, our Creative Non-fiction Teacher was about to enter the classroom when she was struck by a bucket full of red-paint hanging on the door. It's a trap set by Amber's group. They did that out of boredom. That's how immature they are.
  • "Now get a piece of index card and write your name, age and birthdate. We’ll use that for our future discussions and recitations.”
  • The start of my morning went well- or so I thought. In fact, I never imagined that this day will change everything in our lives.