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Chapter 190 Staying Up Late Again

  • I could not help tightening the grip of my hand that was holding the phone. I really did not understand Leia. She just told me that it's impossible for her and Emil to have a future this afternoon. But, why did she call Emil at night and say these words?
  • "Emil, can you hear me?" Seeing that there was no answer, Leia, who was on the other end of the phone, spoke. Her voice was gentle and quiet.
  • "It's me!" I said on the phone.
  • As soon as Leia heard my voice, there was an obvious pause on the other side of the phone. After a few seconds, Leia's voice sounded. "Vivian?"
  • "Yeah," I hummed and spoke faintly. "Emil is taking a shower. Miss Larson, you may call again later if you have anything else."
  • With that, I was ready to hang up the phone. However, the person on the other end of the phone spoke. "Vivian, I don't mean that. I—"
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