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Chapter 996 Blow Her Up!

  • Shocked, Zhao Yu raised her hand to parry it, but she soon felt a sharp pain in her palm.
  • It was as though a needle had pierced through her palm, causing her to bleed instantly. She had isolated herself on Mount Wang for a long time in order to cultivate her inner energy, so she wasn’t familiar with worldly affairs. When Tang Lijiang fished out the laser gun, she thought it was just a normal firearm, so she didn’t care about it. It was only when her palm was pierced through that she felt a little frightened.
  • Tang Lijiang laughed as his shot was successful.
  • “Go to hell!” Zhao Yu raised her injured hand and pushed her palm toward him.
  • In an instant, a gale swept over Tang Lijiang, which sent him flying backward. When he was in the air, he fired another shot at Zhao Yu, but he couldn’t take aim at his opponent accurately, so the laser beam only grazed her shoulder and made her bleed a little.
  • The wound didn’t matter to Zhao Yu at all; even if her shoulder was smashed, it wouldn’t affect her agility.
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