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Chapter 995 Tang Lijiang Comes to the Rescue

  • In that instant, Zhao Yu was astounded, and she leaped backward instinctively.
  • While holding a fuse in one hand, Jiang Hui flashed a sneer at her.
  • Zhao Yu didn’t expect that Jiang Hui would be so resolute. She knows she can never defeat me, so she has strapped so many explosives around her body before coming to me!
  • However, the explosion didn’t take place as expected. Instead, Jiang Hui had turned around and ran away. “Zhao Yu, you’re such a coward! You’re no match for my son at all!”
  • “Go to hell!” Zhao Yu snarled. It was only until now that she realized she had been fooled by Jiang Hui. As a woman of high social status, she could never tolerate such mockery and derisiveness. Upon finishing her words, she charged forward.
  • At that moment, Jiang Hui was running toward the bottom of the mountain at full speed.
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