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Chapter 992 Choosing a Plan

  • Although the speed at which it was circulating was slower than when Tang Yin cultivated inner energy on his own, it was in sync with the celestial energy, which caused his inner energy to circulate automatically, thereby achieving better results.
  • One hour later, more mist surrounded him and eventually engulfed him in it.
  • At the moment, he could feel that his body was unusually hot. That was a disadvantage that came as a result of him having a body of nine-Yangs, which caused him to be out of sync with the celestial energy.
  • All of a sudden, the vital energy that had accumulated over his head vanished completely.
  • “Tang Yin…” Zhuge Pei was amazed when he was engulfed in white mist. Now that the mist had vanished, she rushed over and grabbed his arm.
  • His breathing rapid, Tang Yin hurriedly closed his eyes and tried to suppress the heat within his body from engulfing him, but it seemed that the harder he tried, the hotter he became.
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