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Chapter 986 Pushed to the Frontline

  • As they entered the house, Jiang Hui opened the door to her room and led Ji Youyou to her study area.
  • “Here…” said Jiang Hui as she tiptoed and pulled out a box from the top of the bookcase.
  • The box looked old, but the mahogany base engraved with openwork patterns still made it look quite exquisite.
  • Jiang Hui carefully opened the box, revealing a bracelet inside. The bracelet looked crystal clear with a hint of fine red lines on the inside.
  • “This was a gift from your father…” Jiang Hui smiled and took the bracelet out. “He told me that it was very expensive back then, but when I asked around, I found out that it was only a few hundred thousand. However, he gifted it to me like it was a super expensive treasure!”
  • “Several hundred thousand? Isn’t that expensive?” Ji Youyou was surprised.
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