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Chapter 985 Back to Tang Island (Part 2)

  • Tang Yuanbo’s expression changed as his body trembled slightly. Even though he could open his mouth and scold Tang Lijiang, he did not have the guts to face Jiang Hui with the same spite.
  • Jiang Hui was known as a very dominant and strong person; Tang Yuanbo knew that there were things in this world she couldn’t think of, but there was nothing she couldn’t do.
  • Meanwhile, Tang Lijiang went back to his seat and slowly sat down.
  • “Throw Tang Wei into the pool!” said Jiang Hui calmly.
  • “No!” Tang Wei panicked and fell to his knees. “Please let me go, Madam. I was forced to do this—I really had no other choice!”
  • “Were you also forced to expose Tang Yin’s whereabouts to the Freemasonry in New York City?” Jiang Hui raised an eyebrow.
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