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Chapter 98 Do You Like Pei Ruo?

  • Tang Yin watched Ding Xuan’s face without giving any further remarks. Perhaps the injuries that Ding Xuan had suffered this time had brought about a series of events, but the root of it all was still none other than himself.
  • “Ying and I grew up together… you could even say that we were childhood sweethearts!” Ding Xuan shared painfully.
  • Tang Yin tipped his head and studied Ding Xuan without saying a word as he knew that it wouldn’t help the situation.
  • Sometimes, emotions needed to be overcome on one’s own; it didn’t matter what anyone else said as they couldn’t truly hold sway over another’s heart.
  • “When I was ten, my dad got into a car accident and the Ding Family collapsed…” Ding Xuan punctuated his words with a small sigh and a shake of his head. “When that happened, my mum sold the house to cover our debts. We moved out of the neighborhood, and I never saw Ying again, at least until a few days ago, when I saw her at the Wuhan Foreign Studies University.”
  • Tang Yin listened and nodded lightly.
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