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Chapter 975 Betrayed

  • “Are they in there?” Zhuge Pei stood on the branch of a tree as beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. “I think so! You can follow behind me. I’ll go in and take a look first…” Tang Yin nodded before he bolted off into the valley.
  • “Alright!” Zhuge Pei nodded.
  • With his swift movements, Tang Yin quickly arrived at the entrance of the large fort. He pressed his palm against the doors and pushed it gently to conclude that the door was extremely heavy. He then mustered all the vitality within him before unleashing his full force on the door. Crack! As the bolts on the door broke immediately, Tang Yin pushed the door open and glanced around the inside of the fort. He felt his heart skipping a beat as he was shocked by what he saw inside.
  • The door led to a straight pathway that was about 45 to 50 feet in both width and height. He couldn’t see the end of the pathway; it was almost as though the fort extended through the entire body of the mountain. Tang Yin frowned a little before he gestured toward Zhuge Pei, who was behind him. He then swiftly charged into the pathway.
  • “Who’s that…” Right as the two guards inside were about to say something, Tang Yin reached his hands out and broke both of their necks. Zhuge Pei quickly charged in, her gaze filled with surprise when she first looked at her surroundings. “Let’s go in for now…” Tang Yin whispered before he held onto Zhuge Pei. They hopped onto an electric bike parked by the side before they headed deeper into the fort.
  • Meanwhile, Zhao Qing and Guan Shanyue had already arrived at the internal section of the mountain. They left their electric bike at the end of the pathway and got off before they jabbed a button on the elevator. Once they got on, it traveled downward for a long period of time before it finally shook and came to a halt.
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