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Chapter 968 The News Got Out

  • “Judy…” Madam Louise’s niece answered as she took a few steps back. Her eyes were filled with terror as Tang Yin smiled and nodded. He said, “Hmm… I want you to collect everyone’s communication devices. Then, I’ll need you to gather all the workers in the hall of the estate; I don’t want anyone contacting others who are outside of this place!”
  • “A-Alright!” Judy got off the stage shakily with her face as pale as a ghost before collecting everyone’s devices from them. Glancing around the room, the crowd could feel Tang Yin’s threatening aura as his gaze lingered on them. Whenever someone hesitated or slowed their movements down, Tang Yin immediately turned to stare at them.
  • “Give your sister a call. I want her here to keep an eye on these people…” Tang Yin shrugged as he spoke to Ouyang Xiang beside him. Since Ouyang Xiang was familiar with such situations, she quickly gave Ouyang Yan a call. Knowing Tang Yin well enough, she guessed that he wanted to travel to Africa directly without killing everyone in this room. However, these people couldn’t be released, and they couldn’t expose anything related to this incident. After all, it could potentially alert their targets and call for unwanted attention.
  • The hundreds of people had pale, sickly expressions on their faces as they gathered in the hall of the estate. Tang Yin glanced down at them from the podium on the second floor, and his gaze was as calm and emotionless as ever. “I’ve kept all of their devices…” Judy placed all of the electrical devices behind Tang Yin carefully.
  • He nodded lightly. “If anyone contacts them, you can speak on behalf of them. Tell their family that these people are going to stay in this estate for the night!”
  • “Sure!” Judy quickly nodded.
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