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Chapter 967 Get On Your Knees

  • Ells was utterly dumbstruck when he realized what was going on. Madam Louise ordered for her men to capture me because Mr. Mordant’s furious and would like to unleash his anger on me. This can only mean that Madam Louise has been angry at me all along. “Madam Louise!” Ells hurriedly turned to Madam Louise before falling onto his knees with a loud thump. “Madam Louise, didn’t you—”
  • “Shut up!” Madam Louise looked extremely annoyed as she pointed a finger at Ells. “What right do you have to voice your opinions right now? You’ll have to follow my rules since you’re here. Do you think Mr. Mordant is someone you can afford to offend?”
  • Her words rumbled in Ells’ mind like a series of landmines. Do I think Mr. Mordant is someone I can afford to offend? Of course not! Mordant seemed rather pleased to hear their conversation. He then turned to look at Tang Yin with a malicious grin. “Since he has kneeled down, I guess you should kneel down too, right?” Mordant asked.
  • The corner of Tang Yin’s lips curled upward as he shrugged. “You want me to kneel for you? I don’t think I can do that!”
  • “How dare you! Do you even know who I am?” Mordant was furious. He had been certain that Tang Yin would kneel for him since Ells had already done it, but he hadn’t expected Tang Yin to be so stubborn. “I think so!” Tang Yin chuckled as he took two steps back. “Mr. Mordant? The heir of the Mordant family, the CEO of Wuthering Enterprise, the chief executive of Alris Group, a member of the Freemasonry…”
  • “How did you find out about all that?” Mordant’s pupils shrunk in astonishment after he heard the other man’s words. This young man in front of him knew more about him than anyone else in the entire hall. Meanwhile, Ells was completely stunned to hear the list of positions and titles that Mordant held. He stared at Mordant with his jaw hanging loosely, especially after the last sentence that Tang Yin said. He said that Mr. Mordant is a member of the Freemasonry?!
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