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Chapter 965 Wine Tasting

  • Tang Yin was seated below the stage right then, and the smile on his face widened when he realized that someone was walking toward him. “You’re a brave one, you brat! How dare you show up here!” the man growled. Tang Yin grinned as he looked up to see Ells in front of him. “Do you want to beat me up?” he sneered.
  • “Guards! Break this man’s legs before throwing him out!” Ells cried through gritted teeth as he glared at Tang Yin furiously. Now that he was at the estate, he was certain that he’d be able to defeat Tang Yin. The moment Ells gave his orders, more than ten men immediately came forward.
  • “This is the eleventh glass of wine. Can’t anyone tell where it’s from?” At the same time, Madam Louise’s voice chirped from where she sat in the crowd. They were at the eleventh glass of the wine tasting party, and no one in the crowd seemed to be able to tell where the wine originated from.
  • “Wait!” Before the guards could make a move, Ells quickly stood in their way. “Wait for me right there, you brat. Once I’m done with my business, I’m going to come over and teach you a lesson!” he hissed coldly.
  • Tang Yin frowned a little before he scoffed, “Noted, sir!”
  • “Hmph!” Ells grunted before he led a bunch of his men up toward the stage. “I’d like to try it…” Everyone in the audience quickly shifted their gazes over to Ells as they immediately recognized his voice the moment he spoke. Ells was considered one of the more famous sommeliers in the industry. Right then, he was also their final hope as everyone else couldn’t tell where the wine was from. They were already at the eleventh girl now; if Ells succeeded in identifying the wine’s origins, the twelfth girl would have to come on stage! She was supposedly the prettiest among all twelve girls!
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