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Chapter 964 Exposed

  • Everyone stared at the man who had just finished his sentence. They then glanced toward the lady who had the glass of wine in her hand. She beamed ever so slightly as her cheeks blushed. The crowd burst into excitement after they saw the look on her face. Clap! Clap! Chap! A round of applause filled the room after they concluded that the man’s answer was correct. The wine was indeed produced in Huazhuang Winery, situated at the Right Bank of Bordeaux.
  • “I’m blessed to have a pretty lady like you as my partner for the night!” The man bowed slightly as an indication of his chivalry, before he then took the lady’s hand and led her off the stage. The crowd’s gaze trailed them with envy. “Well, it looks like our first glass of red wine has found herself someone that would like to taste her…” The emcee on the stage extended her hand. “Now, for our second glass of wine…”
  • Tang Yin eyed all of this with his brows knitted into a frown. He flashed a hostile glance toward the masked man who had been on stage earlier. The masked man had his arms around the young lady almost immediately after he got off the stage, and he was stroking and groping her in an inappropriate manner. The young girl wasn’t wearing much to begin with, and parts of her body were quickly exposed as the man touched her carelessly. Yet, she didn’t seem to be bothered by it as she simply turned around to kiss the masked man who stood behind her. The people around them didn’t show any hints of distaste toward them; some merely chuckled while others even looked a little envious.
  • Right then, the second young lady walked to the center of the stage with a glass of wine in her hand. The clothes on her were just as revealing and flashy as the first young lady, but this lady had a glass of white wine instead. “She’s prettier than the last one…” someone mumbled.
  • “Yeah. From what I’ve heard about Madam Louise’s winery, the girls that bring the wine in are supposed to get prettier and prettier… I heard that the last girl to come on stage would be Madam Louise’s niece. I heard that she’s as elegant and gorgeous as a rose!” another one replied.
  • “Well, it’s all rumors. Who knows the truth, right?” someone said.
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