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Chapter 950 Four Great Beasts

  • Tang Yin was momentarily distracted as he looked at Zhuge Pei’s expression. Then, he smiled nonchalantly. “If I don’t go, this cancerous tumor from the Zhao Family will not only harm the Tang Family—the Zhuge Family can’t escape too!”
  • Zhuge Zhan became silent upon hearing that. After all, what Tang Yin had just said was true.
  • Standing faraway, Zhuge Pei bit her bottom lips as tears seemed to well in her eyes.
  • At this moment, a servant walked to them and placed a few dishes carefully on the table. Then, he bowed and retreated.
  • Zhuge Zhan took the wine bottle and poured a glass of wine for Tang Yin as he asked quietly, “Do you have any confidence in your fight with Zhao Yu?”
  • “No,” Tang Yin replied with a smile.
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