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Chapter 947 I Agree

  • “Tang Yin!” Jiang Hui suddenly stood up and glared at Tang Yin, who gently smiled as he walked forward.
  • After giving her a calming smile, he turned around to look at Elder Wang. “I agree to this challenge!”
  • “Tang Yin, this is very dangerous.” After hearing Tang Yin’s approval, Elder Wang couldn’t help reminding him about this. Truth be told, at Elder Wang’s age, he really liked young people from the bottom of his heart.
  • Everything would be fine if he won. However, if he lost, Elder Wang would feel sorry for him.
  • “I know!” Tang Yin nodded gently and sat next to Elder Wang with a smile. “This is indeed dangerous, but it can be solved! We truly can’t defend ourselves or run away forever. If Zhao Yu is not defeated, it wouldn’t be good for us either.”
  • Elder Wang nodded slightly, knowing that Tang Yin was right after all.
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